Art Attack: Toad-ally Fun

Help! The kiddos and I have finished an art project and it doesn’t feel complete (at least not to mommy)!

ToadOne of our art projects for this week was another for the fair. It is a totally cute toad (or frog, whichever you prefer). We were supposed to cut it out on card stock and decorate it anyway we chose.

The cutting, glueing, and initial decorating is done… the problem is, they don’t look finished; something is missing.

Perhaps I am over thinking things, simple usually is better. It just seems there is something more we could do to spruce these little guys up.

I am not allowed to do any work on the projects, just suggest and guide; the kids are to do everything. So, if they are happy with the final product, so am I. We just keep thinking there is something we might have overlooked."T"'s Toad

If any of you amazingly artistic people have any suggestions, we are gladly accepting advice!

Help! (laughing)

Again, join in the fun too and let us know how your project turned out!


11 thoughts on “Art Attack: Toad-ally Fun

  1. I probably should mention, as the picture above is a little unclear, the toads are cut out on decorated card stock. This one is on pretty light blue paper that is glittery! So, painting them is out of the question… now what?


  2. It seems we’re in agreement…the face isn’t complete. Are you allowed to add embellishments? If so, googly eyes would be fun.


    • I offered the googly eyes, but they weren’t having any. They tried using jewels for the eyes, but that didn’t seem to complete it either.
      Mouse took jewels and used them to outline a mouth, which looked a little better though. Perhaps my friend is right, maybe some eyelashes, bracelets, and things of that nature?


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