How Pin-tresting: Bakers Dozen

In order to conquer yet more of our ever-growing “pin” count, the kiddos and I set about mastering some new skills.

Our first task of the week was Chicken Pot Pie, but not just any pie mind you; Jamie Oliver’s recipe from Meals in Minutes. It tasted absolutely wonderful!

I pretty much stuck to the ingredients for the filling, although I did make two major changes to the technique. My first big change was to cook the meat and veggies in a crock pot, instead of on the stove. This allowed me to run around all day and put it all together at the very end. The meat became very tender in this manner and very flavorful. The second change was to use a different pie crust.

I had been wanting to try THIS particular pie crust for some time now. I had never been a fan of crust, which is why I hadn’t made this dish in years. So, I thought perhaps a change might help me enjoy it more. Boy was I right!! This recipe is so delicious and turned out beautifully. All together I was able to make four crusts; I used one for this project and reserved the others.

Oh! I did make one other change…. (How could I forget?) Instead of putting my crust on top of the pot pie, I put it on the bottom. I then topped the pot pie with mashed potatoes, making it more of a Shepherd’s Pie.

PizzaEveryone enjoyed this recipe so much, we are going to make it a fall/winter staple. It was fairly straightforward and easy to put together; perfect for school days.

The last recipe for the week was pizza dough. Yes, I know; lots of people make their own dough. I am probably one of the last hold-outs. It just didn’t seem worth the time or effort before. However, with frozen pizza prices going out of this world costly, it seemed like it was high time to get on the ball. Now that I have my handy-dandy food processor, this is a breeze! (Did I mention I am adoring my new device? How did I ever live without it?)Toppings

I am sure there are several recipes for pizza dough out there, but I prefer THIS one. It was very easy to put together and gave the best results.

Last night, the family all got in the kitchen and made our own pies. It was so much fun and the kids enjoyed it immensely. They preferred ours to the store-bought, so we have decided to not go back.

We are currently trying to figure out how to make pizza in a pinch though. The one benefit of frozen is that you don’t need any prep time. With homemade, you need at least half an hour to let the dough rise. Perhaps I need to start making two batches of dough a week and just refrigerating them for ready use. Has anyone else tried this? Does it work?

Feeling extremely ambitious, the kiddos and I tackled one last project; making our own stuffed toys. So far they are coming along nicely, although we aren’t quite finished. Once we get them “up to par”, we’ll make sure to post some pics.

Now… I think we have earned another day of relaxation. We are off to my mother-in-laws for a visit and some good food. Ah; time for some R&R.

How about you? Which “pins” have you been working on?


8 thoughts on “How Pin-tresting: Bakers Dozen

  1. Refrigerating the dough works great. In fact, it gives the yeast more time to work and I am able to pull it right out and make it right away without rise time. The pizza seems to come out fluffy if the dough sits a few days in the fridge. On a few occasions, the dough smelled yeasty when I pulled it out but I made it anyway and it came out the best.


  2. Hmm… I don’t do pinterest, but my mom does. She’s gotten all sorts of ideas from it, mainly for sewing. Handmade items are all over the place, and most of them are from Pinterest 🙂


  3. I have made pizza crusts from scratch and cooked them for about ten minutes. Then I get the huge freezer bags, separate the crusts with wax paper and freeze them. I can pull out as many as I need when I need them and put whatever toppings we have on hand. Love doing this! Hoping my new gluten free recipe I blogged about today freezes as easily! So much cheaper than frozen pizzas from the store and DEFINITELY cheaper than delivery! Oh, and I don’t defrost the crusts before I cook them, just put the ingredients on frozen and cook from there around 15 minutes at 425, or until the cheese starts to really melt well.


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