All Aglow

In an ever-increasing attempt to play as hard as we work, I thought we would knock out a few more “pins” and try something absolutely new. I would love to continue my post with a phenomenal success story, with pictures to prove our triumph; however, it was an epic fail! (laughing)

My kids really like glow sticks. (Can you name a kid who doesn’t?) So I thought we would attempt to take something we already like and change it up. There were three great “pins” I was very excited about.

Fairies in a Jar

What the Fairies is supposed to look like, but ours turned out nothing like it. (sigh)

The first activity we tried was “fairies in a jar”. The concept is extremely simple. Take a glass jar, a few glow sticks, and some diamond glitter; cut a few of the glow sticks and shake the contents into the jar; add some diamond glitter; shake the jar and, wallah, … Fairies in a Jar! The problem? The glow solution didn’t shake into the jar all nice and pretty. It kind of drizzled down the side of the jar and looked like a gloopy mess. Adding glitter was rather pointless, as you couldn’t see the effects.

So, on to the next experiment. We thought we would try another “pin” in which we take a small bottle of bubble solution and empty the contents of a glow stick into the bottle. The idea is to get “glowing bubbles”. The problem? The solution sank to the bottom of the bottle and wouldn’t mix with the bubble solution at all! Another experiment gone wrong. (laughing)Glowing Bubbles

For our third and final trick, mommy was going to put glow stick solution in the bathtub and let them take a “glowing bath”. Yeah, nope! It just wasn’t our night.

I’m not sure if we just bought cheap glow sticks or if others have run across the same problems, but we were kind of bummed. These all looked like awesome ways to have some fun and try something new.

I will reserve one “pin” for next year though. One thoughtful person had the idea to put glow sticks into Easter eggs and do a hunt at night! Now, that seems like a great idea and I can’t see how that wouldn’t work.

Oh, well. The night was an epic fail, but at least we tried. That is what experimentation is all about, right?

What is the neatest thing you have done with glow sticks (or any other glowing variation)?


21 thoughts on “All Aglow

  1. Aw, that’s not cool that they didn’t work! That’s the one reason I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, because you never know if what you’ve pinned will actually work out like it shows. But, hey, at least you are trying them! 😀


  2. Well first I would like to say I don’t think your night was a failure simply because your faries in a jar look awesome and I think we may try this one. Also you guys had fun. 🙂

    Well I haven’t tried this glow stick trick yet but it looks really cool. Google Mountain Dew Glow Sticks. We may do this in the next few days.


    • Thanks for the compliment, but the pic shown is not mine. I will definitely be adding a note to it, so no one else gets misled on that point.
      Thanks for the idea on the Mountain Dew though. I’m going to have to try that one out. 🙂


  3. I have wanted to try the fairies in a jar for the longest time. My glow sticks, glitter and bottles are all ready but I’ve not had the time to try it. Looks like I shouldn’t get my hopes up for the pretty effect.


  4. Yup the fairies in a jar was a fail for us too so I just popped the remainder of the glow sticks and threw them in the tub with bubbles and turned out the lights. It was major fun 🙂 the whole bathroom glowed and my three year old had fun taking a bath in the dark.


  5. I just did a really cute “science” activity with our 5 year old granddaughter. We are doing a unit on bugs, and I found a pin for a bug made from a plastic Easter egg. We found a lovely yellow glittered egg that was rather translucent. A couple of wiggly eyes, some pipe cleaner legs and antennae and some shiny mylar wings made a cute bug. Inside the bug, we put one of those flameless tea lights, and we had a wonderful glow bug. This week we are doing a bee and a honeycomb made out of toilet paper rolls that have been cut into 1/2 inch circles, formed into honeycomb shapes and glued together. No glowing on this one, but it still looks like it will be a cute project. There are future plans for a spider, beetle and caterpillar as we start to move from bugs to butterflies. We will probably be posting pictures at my blog


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