An Interesting Opportunity

Big Dream Casting

Just this week I was contacted by a television producer who was interested in speaking to me about our adventure in homeschooling. We had a very pleasant conversation and her project intrigued me.

While I cannot give too many details regarding the proposal away, I am very excited to know the direction her thoughts were headed. She was a very sweet gal; I appreciated her drive and dedication.

Unfortunately, I do not have said “Big Dream” to share with the world. However, I thought perhaps some of you might also be interested in her current enterprise and she thoughtfully sent along this flyer for all of us to peruse.

I would love to hear your feedback and whatΒ your response would be if someone contacted you out of the blue about being interviewed. Advice would be helpful!

(Please note: I am not in any way getting paid to put out this flyer. I am simply doing so out of consideration and a desire to spark conversation.)


16 thoughts on “An Interesting Opportunity

  1. I would not recommend this. Talking with other people that have had this experience with other fields of interest, they either regretted signing the paper or were not willing to do what was wanted. I do not know what it was about, but I do not trust these people.


  2. I would also stay away from many of these “opportunities”. Normal everyday stuff doesn’t get TV ratings. Drama and radical stunts or ideas do. The TV shows have to attract viewers to attract advertisers. If it were a documentary already funded, or not on TV maybe, but I would not if it as the information provided. I have heard way too often that people on shows like Doomsday Prepper and other “reality” TV shows are not reality at all and they portray the families in a completely different and often negative light.


    • Actually; this seems as if it is more a documentary, not so much a continual show. They aren’t interested in staging anything, just talking to people. I appreciate the perspective though; we’ll see what comes of this.


  3. I can understand wanting to be cautious, but I would like to think that as homeschooling families we are trying to prepare our children to think critically, form their own opinions, and learn to communicate effectively with the rest of the world. If it were me, I would review some of the pieces that this particular person has produced and see if you like what you read or hear. I would not dismiss the opportunity out of hand.


  4. This sounds like an awesome opportunity. I totally wrote a quick email is morning and will let you know how it turns out… We have nothing to lose at this point, so why not take a chance? πŸ™‚


  5. Sounds a bit like PBS’s series, Frontier House or some such “adventure” where you’re going to have to leave all the comforts of modern living behind. You already made your own bread and butter. Think you can handle making your own soap and using cloth instead of toilet paper? lol You might also need to leave electricity behind; would Little Man be prepared to give up his Angry Birds? It does sound intriguing, tho’.

    As for your own possibilities…hmmmm….


    • It really isn’t something the producers are putting on at all. It is simply them talking to people who have already made these decisions on their own behalf.
      It’s also not only about “homesteading”. They just want to talk to ladies who have already made major changes of any kind in their lives and follow the path the person has already started on their own.
      Would I do it myself? It’s something to think about…. But alas, I have no such great adventure, so I am out of the running. πŸ™‚


  6. Gosh, too bad, this has been so “us” for the last three years. Dreams of working on cattle ranches, selling everything (twice) to move 1800 miles the first time, loved it but house in MI never sold. Dramatic January move back home, restart life, only to have another opportunity a year later, quick sell everything again and move to GA. New job opportunity back home, pack it up….
    Ya, crazy. Did I mention we home schooled through this and I had two babies? I think we would love to do it all again, but alas, God seems to want us here.
    While we lived out west, Some of our dear friends were on the tv show “Last American Cowboy” They said it was a fun experience, but they do dramatize stuff.a little much.


  7. Tricky. Sounds really interesting, but leary i would be too. There must be a way of determining authenticity. Would be wonderful to get homeschooling out in the open for more discussion. Sharing your story via blog or via tv couldnt be too mich more vulnerable…of course they could focus on their own perspective. Good luck!


  8. I believe it’s important that the general public have correct information where home educating is concerned. There are so many myths still floating around. It would be great to see media represent us in a truthful “light.”


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