Finishing Touches

Today we are putting the finishing touches on our fair entries. With several items ready to be judged, we are excited to drop them off tomorrow morning and see how our hard work (and fun) has paid off!

My Son's Entry

This is my son’s entry for one of the fair competitions. Good luck, buddy!

Due to our color printer not working (rrr… rrr…rrr; it is way too expensive to not be working), we are off to Costco to pick up our prints of the computer art the kiddos worked on. The artwork turned out just beautifully; they did a fine job.

Then we need to make sure everything is well labeled and ready to head out the door.

We’re not sure what the judges will have to say, but that really isn’t the point of these projects. We focus on keeping the children’s minds active during the summer months and to exposing them to various areas of learning we might have skipped during the school year.

Today will afford us one last look at all our hard work, perhaps one or two tweaks will be made, and then we are good to go for another year!

I can’t wait until the fair opens!


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