Eager Beavers

Let Us Out

Let us out, mom! It’s time for free time!

Technically, we had this week scheduled for “summer fun”. There were workbook pages to complete, science projects to finish, “pins” to work on, and so much more! The kids, however, had their own plans and finished up the summer a little early.

Usually the kiddos and I spend ten weeks of our summer learning and having fun. The other two weeks (the first and last of summer) are spent cleaning up old school items and prepping for the next year.

It seems my babies were eager to finish their projects though, today they finished off the last of the items on our list and are anxious to spend the next two weeks doing nothing but relaxing.

Normally sitting around for two weeks would be a little bit of a concern for me. Two whole weeks without engaging their brains and perhaps even filling it with useless entertainment? Then it occurred to me… that really isn’t my kids.

While we might not be sitting down doing “formal” learning, my children are frequently finding something to keep themselves busy and usually it involves their brains. They like working on puzzles, drawing, reading, and so much more.

So, the next two weeks we are officially on R&R. I am sure it will go too quickly though. We have two birthdays in the family, with another party for a friend. We also have home improvement stuff that needs to get handled as well.

These eager beavers put in a lot of solid learning this summer. They have definitely earned a few weeks of nothing on the schedule and some downtime before they are asked to once again get back into gear and focus.


6 thoughts on “Eager Beavers

  1. Cute pic! Yeah,we are on our second week of R&R. It feels weird having so much free time. Usually we school through Summer and vacation time is spent away from home. So we rarely have R&R at our own house. Even with the Disney countdown stuff it feels like there’s too much time. I know I have things to do (like planning for third grade) but I can’t seem to focus. Enjoy your break! God bless!


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