All Good Things Must Come to an End

The Desk of PowerWell, it finally happened. The summer reading program has run its course and we are now looking at the end of summer as we know it. The end does come with a bonus though… free goodies!

The kiddos and I had a myriad of errands to run today, but the most important was running to our local library and turning in our weekly quota of books. We returned our finished items and raced over to the children’s section to see what our prizes were for this week.Our Book Picks

It seems “T” and I had already finished the reading program, much to our chagrin. We didn’t know ours had finished last week and was a week shorter than the littler ones. It seems they failed to mention that. No matter, Adam was kind enough to accept our reads and we got the rest of our raffle tickets.

The three littler ones turned in their weekly reports and were treated with some wonderful surprises. They each got a free book (always a good choice), tickets to the balloon show next Friday, a treasure hunt map for next Friday’s game day, a free DVD rental from the library, and tons of coupons for free food (personal favorite of mine)!

Hanging ApplesIn order to celebrate this momentous occasion, they couldn’t wait to put those babies to use; so out into the mall we went.

One of their coupons was for The Corner Bakery. Oh, my! We were thinking their “free meal” was going to be some little snack like food and perhaps a small drink. No, no, no!! They each had so much food they could barely finish. In fact, they didn’t and we brought some home. How amazing is that? (I treated “T” to lunch, since she didn’t get a coupon. Don’t worry, she didn’t get left out.)Isn't that Neat?

After a truly filling lunch, the kiddos couldn’t wait to get some ice cream, so off to Cold Stone it was. Four huge scoops of ice creams, with a “mix-in”, and it only cost me a wapping $2 (for “T’s”). It doesn’t get much better!

We spent much more time out today than planned, but it was well worth it. My babies had such a fun afternoon and I truly enjoyed their company.

On the way back home, we all felt so incredibly blessed and my children commented on how perfect an end to summer this was. A great reward for some hard work and a job well done.

Enjoying Ice CreamNow, the little ones are relaxing and finishing off their ice cream. Mommy is going to get a little paperwork off her desk (it never seems to disappear). Pop is getting a little more work done. Tia Nene is on her way over. And….

Then we are going out for more fun!

What would be the “perfect” end to your summer?

9 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come to an End

  1. We have the same deal going on at our library….I think it runs until the end of August. I hope it does!
    The perfect end (ahhh we have one more month!) would be a nice evening beach BBQ at sunset, followed by a bonfire. 🙂


  2. my son is in two reading programs, both end next week. after seeing what fun your kids had, cant wait to see what our programs have for the kids!


  3. What neat prizes for your kids! Perfect end to our summer…would have to be a trip to the new water park that just opened nearby. I’ll have to see about making that happen.


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