Call Me!

For some time now, I have been intrigued by the notion of having a calling card. I think it all stems from reading both Laura Ingalls Wilder books and Victorian drama. The idea of calling upon someone and leaving your card might be archaic now, but the basic concept still stands.

In The Long Winter, both Laura and the other young people in town became excited about the notion of having “calling cards”. Nothing fancy, just small cards with their names printed on them. They exchanged them enthusiastically with each other and used them for writing small notes for that person.

During the Victorian era, calling cards were used to, literally, call on someone. “Calling cards streamlined introductions and helped remind people of new acquaintances and needed visits.” (Taken from THIS article by The Art of Manliness.)

Calling CardsIt seems as if the notion of a calling card is obsolete in our day and age. With cell phones, texting, and email, we can tackle introductions and reminders with the click of a button.

In business we frequently use cards, but not in everyday life.

More and more, while I am out running errands or visiting the library, I am coming into contact with ladies whom I would like to speak with at another time. What a spectacular opportunity to pull out a creative calling card!

No need to find paper and pencil; no need to look at my device of choice and type information; and no worrisome spelling errors! Simply hand over your cute little calling card and… voilá; all done!

To this end, my husband thought it high time to make me a few and see how I liked them. We got a great deal at VistaPrint and the creative process was very easy. There are several types of calling cards to choose from and many styles (should you not bring your own artwork).

So far, I am really enjoying my cards! I can use them when coming across an old friend, when I am making an appointment to counsel someone on homeschooling, and to share information about my blog!

These little beauties are such a fun idea, I wish he had thought of them sooner.

Would you use a calling card?


19 thoughts on “Call Me!

  1. They had those a lot when I lived in South Carolina. I haven’t seen them here in South Dakota. I like the idea, and I think I might just check this out! (Didn’t have time to check out yours on the link–but I KNOW with you and your husband’s design style, they’re great!)


  2. I’ve been toying around with this idea, too, but for a little different reason. I always find it kind of awkward to try to ask someone for their phone number and I’m a little shy around new people, so I always thought this would be the perfect way to kind of make sure they have my contact information without being too weird or awkward, lol. I’ve actually made a few different designs on VistaPrint, but never ordered them. I should, though, because the idea is great. 🙂


  3. I did this the first couple of years of our homeschool but kind of forgot about it in recent years….thanks for renewing this idea! Now my kids are old enough they would love to do this also! We just had something come up at swim lessons where the girls had a friend that wanted to contact them but they didn’t have any paper or pen…..We may do this tomorrow! Thanks!


  4. I think that some traditional things should be kept alive and not surrendered to the avalanche of technology. Hand written and mailed thank-you notes, love letters, journals, and calling cards! It’s just lovely that you are reviving this tradition, that I personally have only seen in the deep south, and then – it was 40 years ago.


  5. As an officer’s wife in the military, they were a requirement. Just last night we were visiting with my in-laws, recently retired from the military. By their front door, a place for calling cards. My sister-in-law commented it’s more of a conversation piece than practically used. My husband immediately pulled from his pocket a card from his work place and dropped it there. I, too, love the traditional things. Enjoy yours!


  6. Hey, Cristina!
    I use my business cards as if they were calling cards all the time. My name, my contact info, and my blog addresses are on them and I leave the backs blank for notes. If someone wants a recipe or is supposed to call me next week, I write that on the back, so they’ll remember why in the world they have my card! Most people I relate to are so multi-tasking that they have memories like mine and need that boost.
    I find it quite effective. In fact, I make them myself with inexpensive card stock so they are even less expensive and I can feel free to hand them out like candy. When I speak at a conference, I give one to just everybody. Love ’em!
    My favorite use, though, is when I meet someone in the store or library who says, “I wish I could home school…” I just give them a card and tell them to call me for great contacts with local folks who will help them get started and provide field trips, etc. When they call me, I connect them with the local support groups. Yay! 🙂
    I love your background, btw, and wish I had your hubs’ computer know-how inside my brain!


  7. I use one too! Folks are surprised by it but I’m low tech for the most part. I print them at home and it has my blog link, email and tel. Cheers! I like that I’m not the only one picking these great old habits up.


  8. i’ve had some for a couple years. I’ve found that sometimes it’s simply easier to hand another parent a card than to have to type info in while chasing after kiddos 🙂 cute design!


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