Homeschool Box Swap

A friend and WP blogger asked if our family would be interested in doing a home school box swap. Sure thing!

We had lots of fun coming up with ideas for what should be included in our own box and trying to guess what might be in the box coming our way.

Who knew it could be so challenging to come up with ideas to represent your state? We did come up with some fun items and learned a lot along the way.

Next time (which I hope there will be), we’ll be even more prepared with what to include!

Thanks, Colleen at ourhomeschoolexperiment for coming up with such a spectacular idea! We owe you one!

Box Swap

This is the box that was sent from Colleen in South Carolina. How exciting!


27 thoughts on “Homeschool Box Swap

  1. Glad you liked it. I agree, it was much harder than it sounded to find items to represent the state. Katie is really enjoying all of the maps you sent. Thanks!


    • I’m so glad. We tried to include as many as we could. My kiddos are really liking the friendship bracelets and have read through the entire guide book you sent!

      (I forgot to mention the sand is from Newport Beach. I noticed yours was labeled and that we completely forgot to label ours. Sorry!)

      We hope you like the jam; boysenberry is truly unique to California and it tastes wonderful!


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  3. Wonderful idea! I’ve been trying to come up with meaningful things for a homeschool survival kit for new homeschooling moms. This might be a better thought, since it can keep the kids busy for a bit and give mom a breather. 🙂


  4. We participated in a family swap, more like pen pals but family style, some years ago. It was extremely fun & educational. It was international. I would love to be on on something like it again.


  5. Would love to try this for 2014. Any updates or a link I can go to? Our girls would like to participate please! Brilliant just brilliant! Thank you!


    • Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to direct you to at this time. This was something one particular mom and I did during last summer. Perhaps we should start making this a monthly project and exchange with a different family each time! Thanks for the suggestion!


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