Caught on Tape

When first starting our journey into homeschooling, my husband came across a set of McGuffy’s Eclectic Readers. He insisted these should be an active part of our home school routine and he was absolutely correct.

While oral reading, in-and-of itself, has a multitude of benefits, I think it might be time to take this to the next level… video recording!

Using our handy-dandy camcorder, we can collect each of the children’s oral reading sessions, reports, and presentations. Then the real fun begins….

Each week, these “sessions” will be played for all of us to watch. We will go through them together, assessing each one. Here are some things we will look for:

  • Clear Articulation
  • Correct Posture
  • Voice Projection
  • Appropriate Speed (not too slow or too fast)
  • Dramatic Inflection (if needed)
  • Recording Quality (lighting, setting, and camera angles)

All of us will be on the lookout for ways of improving each presentation. To be helpful, wet-reading-poem will list three things that we think need improvement and three things which were done well. The children will not only evaluate each other’s work, but will evaluate their own.

Our hope is that by continuing these recordings throughout the year (and probably the years to come) the children will better learn the art of a good presentation. Not to mention all the fun of learning how to use recording equipment and digital editing.

So… Lights, Camera, Action!

What are you looking for in a good presentation?


13 thoughts on “Caught on Tape

  1. Your video presentations sound good. As for the readers..The content of these Ecletic readers changed drastically between McGuffey’s 1836-1837 edition and the 1879 edition. The revised Readers were compiled to meet the needs of national unity and the dream of an American melting pot for the world’s oppressed masses. The Calvinist values of salvation, righteousness and piety, so prominent in the early Readers, were excluded from the later versions. The content of the books was secularized and replaced by middle-class civil religion, morality and values. McGuffey’s name was featured on these revised editions, yet he neither contributed to them nor approved their content. Which ones did you get?


    • Thank you for pointing this out. The set we purchased was through a Christian establishment; they are reproductions of the original Eclectic Readers.
      Excellent note. Again, thank you for bringing this to the readers’ attention.


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