KidZui logoJust recently the kiddos and I came across this fun, computer browser for kids. Think YouTube, gaming central, and browser all in one … then you have KidZui!

I’m really enjoying the fact that my kiddos can be on KidZui without me hovering over their shoulders, wondering if something inappropriate is going to pop up. They are free to search, watch, and play anything available on the browser; no hidden dangers are lurking in the corners.

Bonus feature: Lots of educational games, information, maps, guides, and more!

So far the kids seem to be enjoying it, all their favorite games are available like Club Penguin and Disney. They also like access to videos, which include lots of fun creature and animal antics. 

FYI… this app does seem to be geared toward smaller people; think ten and under. 

Screen Shot of KidZui

(Personal Note: I wonder why there aren’t more apps geared toward big kids? When our babies were littler, we had JumpStart. JumpStart blew everything else out of the water, it was that awesome. Now a-days, JumpStart is on the 3D commercial bandwagon and have lost their educational pull. Unfortunately, no one has risen to take their place. What a bummer! My oldest, “T”, still likes to play and would have kept using JumpStart well into high school had they not changed the format. Do they just assume bigger kids hate learning games or do they just not care any longer?)

Is there an educational app you would recommend? I’m all ears (or eyes, in this case)! 


14 thoughts on “KidZui

  1. Such a great resource, thank you for sharing! My kids have their own computer for the first time ever for schoolwork, but I never let them on it alone. Kinda defeats the purpose, lol.


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