Wordless Wonders

Books are a passion in our family. Fiction, non-fiction, biography, logic, philosophy; you name it, we enjoy it. One venue most often overlooked though, are wordless books. Yup; you read that correctly… wordless books!

The phenomena of wordless books hit our lives several years back when one of our daughters picked one on our library day. She liked the pictures and thought the main character (a puppy) quite cute. It wasn’t until we sat down and “read” the book together that I fully realized the beauty of these books.

Wordless Wonders

So what benefits are there in a book with absolutely no text (outside of the title)? Pure imagination and fun! Given free rein, with no text to force the direction of our thoughts, our children are able to able to lead the story themselves.

With the helpful prompts of the illustrations, we have created some hilarious and dramatic stories. Sometimes we have “re-read” the same book creating a completely original tale. That is one of the beauties of this type of book. It is almost like a “pick your own ending”, but one that changes on every page!

Having no text allows us to ask questions and ponder the thoughts of the story’s characters. What do you think they would have done? What logical clues can we derive from the illustrations? Can you imagine the response Person A is giving seeing Person B doing X?

Some of our favorites are:

  • Ice by Arthur Geisert
  • Carl (any in the vast set) by Alexandra Day
  • Where is the Cake Now? by T.T. Khing

Just yesterday, we picked up another handful of these delightful books. I can’t wait to see where their imaginations lead us this time!

Do your children “read” wordless, wonderous books? Which are their favorites?


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