Keepers Begins! (2013-2014)

One of the many fun aspects of homeschooling, is the extra curricular activities which we are free to participate in and help with. One of my daughters’ favorites… Keepers of the Home!

Today was the first meeting of the 2013-2014 school year. While most of us are homeschool families, we are blessed with having others join us as well. It looks to be a fun year. We have a whole new crop of girls, with a few who have returned. Who knows where this year will take us. (Well, I have a general idea as I kind of organized it, but the rest is up for grabs.)

Our first meeting was all about getting to know one another and going over the basics with our new families. As always, it was lots of fun!

Keepers #1

Keepers #2 Keepers #3 Keepers #4 Keepers #5 Keepers #6 Keepers #7 Keepers #9

This looks to be an exciting year! I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do with these young ladies and through these activities. It will be fantastic, no matter what!

Is your local Keepers group (or Contenders group) starting back up, now that summer is just about over?


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