A Win-Win Situation

Today, the family braved the heat in order to do our yearly trek to the LA County Fair. This year proved to be especially fun and exciting. There were major prizes won and lots of blessings all around.

After a good night’s sleep and a decent breakfast, we loaded up the car and headed into the scorching heat. (Even at 9 in the morning, it’s hot!) It was well worth the soaring temps as we met several friends throughout the day and enjoyed a day of learning in the field.

2 Pixels

One of the educational exhibits this year; animation.

Aquatic Center

This exhibit had lots of info about ocean life, including sharks.


Learning about the natural landscape of Brasil; good music too!


Walking through the barn always teaches us lots of neat new things.

Cook Out

This gentleman does all the cooking for those in management.

Emerald City

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ celebrates it’s 75th anniversary next year.

Flying High

Me trying to be funny for my kids; hey, I gotta try!

Learning Centers

Awesome learning centers are set up all over the fair.

School House

This little 1916 school house was very charming. The gentleman inside was very pro-homeschooling.

Susie's Barn

We learned a lot about animals in the barn area; cute, cuddly, and little.


The kids having lots of fun running ahead of us, attempting to get to the next fun portion of our day.

Two Princesses

My two little princesses, trying to avoid the heat and have some fun.

Wet 'n Wild

The kids convinced us to go on The Log Ride in the carnival area; I. GOT. SOAKED!

Which Way?

One of the many fun posts at the America’s Kids exhibit, which is all about literature.


Every summer we compete in the America’s Kids events. One of the big wins this year was “T’s” writing competition. Congratulations, honey!

As I said, the day was great! We went through absolutely all of the educational exhibits, some twice, and even had some extra fun. “T” won an amazing competition which was very important to her, so she is very pleased.

Part of our fun was due to free rides being earned for reading books over the summer. Even though each of the kids received six free rides (this is a huge cost savor for us, having four kids and prices being ridiculous for rides), some of the vendors actually let the kids ride a few things free! The kids had a blast and we parents even got to enjoy a few too.

After a long day, seven whole hours worth, we finally headed back home. Rest and relaxation were in order, so showers and naps it was.

Now… time for some catching up on my WP friends’ adventures and homeschooling advice.

Is anyone else heading out to their local fair this month?

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