Homeschooling 101: Do All Things In Prayer

On occasion, I have the pleasure of advising families who are new to homeschooling. We talk about how to begin setting up a homeschool routine and the basics of a good education.

Rather than frustrate them with long notes to take, it has been suggested I write these ideas down and make them available at a moment’s need. 

May you find this information helpful and edifying. 


Homeschooling101Often in life, we skip over the simple things. We long to rush into action and attack our problems head on, never stopping to first understand from whence our problems arise and how we might best resolve the issue.

Homeschooling is no different. Our first thoughts are towards pulling our kids out of public education and then we run headlong into a series of questions on how to tackle the seemingly insurmountable job of educating our little ones. Where do I find materials? Which curriculum do I use? Will they like it? Will I go crazy? Can we afford this?

Before we lose our heads and become stressed, without even picking up a single book or teaching a single lesson, I suggest we take a step back and start at square one… What does God have to say about all of this?

As in all areas of life, we should start our homeschooling journey in prayer. There is no portion of our lives of which God does not want to be a part. He wants to be the first One we talk with and the One we come to with our concerns. There is no problem too big and no task He can’t figure out.

All Things in Prayer

When we first began, we prayed over everything. We asked the Lord to give us clarity in how our routines should be set up, which curriculum we should use, which activities we should be involved in, and all other areas of our life. We wanted to make sure this was His doing and not something we were trying to control on our own. If we attempted to do this on our own, we knew we would fail.

Beginning our adventure with prayer not only calms our nerves, but helps us gain a true perspective of what He wants of our children’s education.

So, first and foremost, before anything else is done, go to the Lord. Let the God of the universe help you to better understand the direction He has for your life and the ways in which He will direct your homeschooling endeavors.

Veteran parents: For what did you specifically pray?

“In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” Philippians 4:6

12 thoughts on “Homeschooling 101: Do All Things In Prayer

  1. I am a veteran homeschool mother and now grandmother. I also was a special education teacher working with students with learning disabilities. My daily prayer has always been that I could reach my students through whatever method would make the light to go on for them. I was asking for wisdom because God formed the mind of each student and I asked for insight into how those minds worked.


  2. This morning, I prayed for regional homeschool group. And in my brief chat with God, He revealed that it was not my job to focus on my kid.

    It’s my job to focus on Him. He’s got her covered better than I ever will.

    What an enormous relief!

    Thanks for this post!


  3. When I first understood that we were to homeschool our children I prayed (begged) that God break the news to my husband…I really was too scared to tell him. I researched and planned for a month and then got a text from my husband that he wanted to homeschool! God is amazing…it seems small writing it here but it was a very powerful and confirming moment for me.


  4. I have always prayed that He would guide my planning so that I was preparing them for what He needed them to become, not what I wanted. Time and time again He led me to people, resources, or ideas that have molded them into amazing adults who are instruments in His Hands.


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