No Stinkin’ Badges

There are many joys in homeschooling, but if there is one plus side to being a public school teacher, it is those handy-dandy picture ID’s they carry. Just flash the badge and doors open, discounts fall from heaven, and respect gets shown. I think I need a badge.

Teacher DiscountA few years back, my hubby made teacher ID’s for both of us. They were neat and certainly did the job. Now, our homeschool PSP does it for us (even though my man still takes the pics). We have ID’s for the kids too, but we never seem to need them; they just sit in my drawer at home.

We use these babies for quite a few things. Discounts are available at all major retail establishments; Michaels, JoAnn’s, Office Depot, Office Max, and more! Believe it or not, you can even use them to purchase Apple computers. We used our ID’s to purchase a new iMac for this last school year. Software is also able to purchased at a discount, depending on where you buy it.

If you don’t happen to have a PSP that creates an ID card for you, try making one yourself. They are fairly simple to put together. Any photo editing program should work, but in a pinch so will Word. Drop in a current photo, add some text indicating your school name and the year, and you are good to go! Definitely make sure you laminate your card though, it will make it more ‘official’ and help it to last longer.


If you have any trouble with using your homemade ID, just pull out your helpful HSLDA card along with it; most companies won’t make a fuss. Should you run into trouble, give HSLDA a call. They are very good about contacting businesses who do not give homeschoolers the same treatment as public school teachers; they will do their best to make sure your next shopping experience will not be as troublesome.

Well, our year has begun and we are ready to cash in on some major discounts. JoAnn’s here come!


Because so many people asked. Here is a list of a few places that offer discounts to homeschoolers:

  • A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts
  • Ann Taylor Loft
  • Apple Store
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Big Lots
  • The Book Barn
  • Books-a-Million
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • The Container Store
  • Creation Museum
  • Dell
  • Generation Joshua
  • Goodwill
  • Half Price Books
  • J. Crew
  • Joann Fabrics
  • Legoland
  • Michaels
  • Mount Vernon
  • New York and Co.
  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Patrick Henry College
  • Patrick Henry Preparatory Academy
  • Ripley’s Attractions, Gatlinburg, TN
  • Staples


Do you make your own ID’s? Where is your favorite place to pull it out and score some discounts?


8 thoughts on “No Stinkin’ Badges

  1. I never thought to make ID badges, but we do use the HSLDA card to get teacher rewards at different stores. I’d love to see a list of the stores that offer great discounts. So often I find out AFTER I make a major purchase that the store in question DOES offer discounts to teachers. Boo!


  2. I never even thought about those badges!! I usually wait until my favorite store has a %15 percent store wide sale 3 times a year. And sometimes I go to their warehouse sale which is %75 percent off, but it is usually the stuff no one wants, nothing cool like lego or anything.


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