Keepers #2 (2013-2014)

This week was our second Keepers meeting of the year. We laughed, we ate, and we got covered in freckles. It’s always a good afternoon with the girls.

Keepers #2 (1/11)

Doing devotion always starts things off right.

Keepers #2 (2/11)

Playing games with hula-hoops.

Keepers #2 (3/11)

More hula-hoop fun.

Keepers #2 (4/11)

Freckle fun with the mommies. Who has the most freckles?

Keepers #2 (5/11)

We laughed so hard; good, clean fun.

Keepers #2 (6/11)

Our “freckle juice”.

Keepers #2 (7/11)

My daughter looks like she has chicken pox, not freckles.

Keepers #2 (8/11)

Playing a fun game of tag with clothes pins.

Keepers #2 (9/11)

Choo-Choo Matching Games. What word do YOU have?

Keepers #2 (10/11)

Tell me your word; quick!

Keepers #2 (11/11)

Our birthday girls of the month.

Our meeting was a lot of fun. We started off with a short devotion on friendship. I was a little concerned about writing my own, but I found THIS neat website. I was able to find a beautiful devotion about developing friends.

It was then time for some outdoor fun, so we headed out onto the green and got busy. We played a few hula-hoop games, a freckle fun game, clothespin tag, and finally some group word games.

Oh, my! I think we had too much fun. (If that’s possible.) It certainly seemed to fly by though. Before we knew it, the day was over.

Two whole weeks before more fun commences!


3 thoughts on “Keepers #2 (2013-2014)

    • They ARE fun!

      Hula-Hoop: Make a chain of people and try to get one hula-hoop from the first person to the last without breaking the chain. The hula-hoop must pass completely over your body, not passed with your hands.

      Freckle Fun: See how many “freckles” you can put on your partner before the timer runs out! (You can use whatever you like for “freckles”.)

      Clothespin Tag: Each person has one clothespin attached to the back of their shirt. The object is to keep running around, grabbing as many clothes pins off each other before the timer runs out. No one gets “out”, you simple keep trying until you hear the beep.

      Word Train: Groups of people attempt to run around matching the words in their hands with others, to form a group of words. Each set of words has a different “theme”; animals, numbers, letters, and so on. The themes have three words each, so make sure you have enough people to play the game or a group will be short.

      Try them out and have some fun!

      We too can’t wait to see how this year turns out. It looks to be a good year. Wish us luck!


      • I think I played the hula hoop game with Girl Scouts. The rest sound really great. We’ll have to try them some time when we get a chance.

        Good luck this year! Sounds like you may not need it though. You’re off to a fantastic start!


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