September’s Monthly Update

Not all of us have the time and opportunity to check in with HSLDA as often as we’d like. In order to assist others and update our own knowledge of current events in the homeschooling world, we thought a monthly HSLDA update was in order. 

So, what’s going on in the world of homeschooling THIS month?



It never ceases to amaze us how quickly the world seems to be spinning out of control. There are so many issues popping up all over the place, the following list could be endless. For the sake of brevity, here are just the highlights of what is going on around us:

UN Treaty Making Scotland Into Nanny State

Will Health Care Reform Mean Government 
Bureaucrats Can Invade My Home?

Bill Would Open Public School Sports to Homeschoolers—The Big 12

Wicomico Oversteps Boundaries

Wunderlich Children Returned on Condition of School Attendance

These articles were very interesting and definitely sparked some awesome conversations in our house.

HSLDA never ceases to do a spectacular job of keeping us informed of world issues on homeschooling and to defend the rights of parents everywhere.

Thank you, HSLDA!


2 thoughts on “September’s Monthly Update

  1. We prefer to send our son to Kiwanis or the City of Hamilton’s park for sports, rather than to the local public school. Our Board of Education has decided to cover all outdoor playing fields with Astroturf, which produces toxic runoff, erosion, and sometimes raises the heat to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If a child slides on Astroturf, he gets a severe abrasion that is much more likely to get infected than if he slid on real grass. The decisions our Board makes are consistently bad, which is why we withdrew him to homeschool in the first place. We think sending a child to school for just one subject is a slippery slope.


  2. Thank you very much…scary. My Grandpa used to say that I have to listen to what people say then asked myself who said it. I might have to add why they said. Unbelievable but true!


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