Dad’s Night Out #1

Poker GameThis past weekend, the dads in our homeschool PSP had a night out. It seems they had a fun time of it! I wish I could show you tons of pictures from the event, but in my excitement to see my man out the door, I totally forgot to hand him my camera. Bummer!

It seems lots of eating and lots of games were in order. They had fun beating each other at cards and enjoying each other’s company.

I think what our group does is extremely rare. Most groups don’t have support just for the fathers and that is crucial. We need to help the dads be more involved and not exclude them into thinking homeschooling is “a mom thing”.

At dad’s night out they get to talk about issues pertinent to them; finances, supporting their wives, building their families, and more. From what I understand via my husband, it encourages them when they know they are not alone in their struggles.

I highly recommend doing this in your own group, if you have one. Encourage the men to quarterly schedule a fellowship night. If you don’t have a support group, consider just getting together with mutual homeschooling friends and getting something started.

It’s hard for dads to get out. Once work is finished, they usually desire to simply remain at home with their families (a noble idea) and relax. However, on occasion, it is nice to walk them to the door and kiss them goodbye, knowing they are going to be encouraged and uplifted in their calling as husbands and fathers.

Our group is such a blessing and we are excited to be a part of it. I hope all the fathers who were able to make it were able to take something away from the evening.

Next quarter…. it’s mom’s turn!

Okay, dads; would you like an opportunity like this, if it were made available or do you find this unnecessary?

6 thoughts on “Dad’s Night Out #1

  1. Our co-op has a few of the dads drop by at lunch. Oz is typically there all day. The dads get a chance to get to know everyone that way.

    I kind of wish they did a dad’s night out, but I don’t think Oz would go. He’s the youngest dad there and doesn’t have much in common with the other dads as far as he knows. It’s hard for him because some of the dads have kids about his age. It would be easier for him if there were dads closer to his age.


  2. I think this is wonderful! 🙂 People forget how important both parent’s are in the education of children. A little bonding time never hurt anyone and I’m sure is well appreciated by all. Many blessings to you and yours.


  3. In my family,I am the father of two wonderful daughters. I am the one who stays home and cares for the children and homeschools. I am a part of a co-op also, but I am the only male teacher there. So with that being said, It is equally important for me to get out with some of my male friends and enjoy their friendship. If it were not for that time, I believe it would be very seldom that I would even see another male I know.


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