Keepers #4 (2013-2014)

Another great Keepers meeting passed this week. This week we wrapped up lessons on making our own jewelry.

Button Necklaces #1

Cutting out our templates.

Button Necklaces #2

Tracing and cutting the felt.

Button Necklaces #4

One of the girls got creative with her scraps; a moment of fun.

Button Necklaces #5


Button Necklaces #6

More buttons!

Button Necklaces #7

The finished product

Button Necklaces #8

Yet another great necklace.

Button Necklaces #9

Working together is always fun.

Button Necklaces #10

Snack time!

Button Necklaces #11

One of our birthday girls.

Button Necklaces #12

Another of our birthday girls.

Button Necklaces #13

Sisters and friends…

Button Necklaces #14

Great job, girls!

Inspiration for our project came from THIS awesome pin. I liked the idea of incorporating buttons and this seemed like a fairly simple project for their little hands. (Note: instead of hot glue, we used tacky glue. I didn’t want to worry about the girls burning their fingers and the purpose is to have the girls do the work, not the mommies.)

It seems we all get a longer break; three weeks until our next meeting. November brings some exciting fall crafts and activities for us all!

I’m making one of these for myself, but need to get more vintage buttons. I have a few, but am not quite there yet. I’ll definitely be posting a few pictures when it’s done!

4 thoughts on “Keepers #4 (2013-2014)

    • Yes; this is Keepers of the Faith. There were no groups that met our daughter’s needs at the time we started either. The other group had very little girls with mostly cutting and glueing; thus our group was begun.

      I would highly recommend starting one, if you are interested. I guarantee if you add your address to their online database, which is free, you’d get quite a few people interested.

      It’s been a complete blessing!


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