Week One: Fall Co-op (2013-2014)

This week began another fun series of co-op events through our church PSP. Thankfully, we got the morning started off right: we got up on time, had a good breakfast, finished up learning at home, and headed out the door. We had plenty of time to do set up for mommy’s class and also to visit with friends.

Fall Co-op #1

My son enjoying his puppetry class. Isn’t this puppet theatre adorable?

Fall Co-op #2

Drama class for my oldest gal. Let’s just say it was… interesting….

Fall Co-op #3

More of JAG’s puppetry class.

Fall Co-op #4

Mouse had a Christmas crafting class.

Fall Co-op #5

Noel had a music theory class; she learned a lot.

Fall Co-op #6

Mommy taught a cooking class; today’s lesson was on bruschetta.

Fall Co-op #7

JAG had another class on dangerous animals.

Fall Co-op #8

Learning was so much fun!

As if co-op wasn’t fun enough, one of the mommies was donating tons of materials she no longer had a need for. The kiddos picked up a Children’s World Atlas and a Cat’s Craddle activity kit; mommy picked up Expelled the movie. (I have never seen it, so I am excited to give it a go.)

Week one is officially under our belts. Next week is going to prove just as exciting; it is jam packed with fun activities and group events.

Hooray for fall!

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