War of the Gods

War of the Gods CoverMy girls are fascinated by Greek mythology. They enjoy hearing all the unusual misadventures the gods and demigods embark on; learning the origin of words currently being used today.

It seems my children are not alone in their preoccupation with all things mythological. A pair of twin brothers are also intrigued by this genre and decided to do something about it! What resulted was a charming story of their own, co-written with their mother, War of the Gods. 

“Seven-year-old Justin is an ordinary little boy. He dreams of living in a world full of mythical creatures and thrilling adventures, similar to those that he studies at school in Greek mythology. Then, one day, his mother brings home a chimera box. When he asks her what this word ‘chimera’ means, he learns that it is derived from Greek mythology, describing anything perceived as widely imaginative. A naturally shy boy, Justin is initially wary of the box, but his wariness soon turns to intrigue, and on a dull, rainy day, he finds the confidence to step into the box. On stepping inside, Justin enters a magical world which exceeds even his wildest imagination. He travels to dangerous lands and comes face to face with terrifying creatures. His journey in this new found world is made alongside, and under the guidance of, faithful Greek goddess Gaea. Gaea has no doubt of Justin’s great skills and helps him to believe in himself in order to prepare for his most challenging battle of all; confronting and fighting Hades, Cronus and Cyclops, in order to fulfill the prophecy and save all the trapped and defenseless gods from the wrath of Zeus and Jupiter. Justin must face his fears and find the courage to endure many struggles and battles. Together Justin and Gaea must defeat evil – the fate of the gods lays in their hands.” – Goodreads

minotaur page 36

I found the story to be perfect for young children interested in mythology. You will be cheering for Justin as he faces some pretty exciting adventures and learns valuable lessons. The story itself is a comfortable length, with illustrations done by the boys themselves!

Having a daughter who enjoys writing, I found this book encouraging and inspiring. I hope it encourages other young authors to pursue their dreams and make them a reality. I also family.fwfound their mother’s participation equally uplifting. Being a part of your child’s creativity and helping them to further their dreams is truly exciting.

It seems War of the Gods is the first in the Chimera Box series, one which I am sure children everywhere will enjoy. We can’t wait for the next book to be released!


12 thoughts on “War of the Gods

  1. My kids loved {D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths}. They read it over and over…almost until they were in high school! Happy homeschooling 🙂


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