Davidic Worship

“Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.”
~Psalm 150:4

I remember several years ago, we were enjoying a Hanukkah celebration with our homeschool group. There were stories, crafts, singing and dancing. In all my years attending a church function, this is the only time I can remember having been encouraged to dance while singing praises. I wonder why?

Davidic worship is beautiful, filled with meaning and praise. Instruments, body movements, singing, clapping, and the lifting of hands are involved. It focuses on the Lord’s presence in the midst of His people.

Music Notes

Not being Hebrew or a member of a Messianic congregation, we often miss out on these lovely acts of worship. The meanings of each dance are lost, most completely unknown to us at all. (Well, perhaps not all aspects of Davidic worship are forgotten. We do use our hands, our voices, instruments, and “Amens” while singing.)

As this time of year draws near, I am once again reminded of all we learned during that Hanukkah celebration and the joy that came with our time of worship. Perhaps one aspect of our homeschooling year, next time around, ought to revolve around Jewish celebrations. This would help us learn not only more history, but also faith and thanksgiving.

Have you ever experienced Davidic worship?


10 thoughts on “Davidic Worship

  1. The co-op that we attend (which is quite large) has a wonderful Worship Dance program. It is run by a woman with a New York credentials in ballet and modern dance. She has a gift for choreographing songs or music that result in a deeply moving worship experience for the congregation.

    It is also moving to those dancing, as you think about what you are expressing, to Whom! I incorporated worship dance at a retreat on the Psalms that I was leading. The women were first just doing VBS type hand movements, but once encouraged, used their whole bodies and fell in love with dancing for the LORD. Our favorite PE days are those when we put in a Worship CD and dance!


  2. I have never experienced Davidic worship. I have thought about going through the Hebrew year with my kids using God’s Appointed Times by Barney Kasdan. The book is at Amazon.


  3. Our church has a Passover Seder with lots of singing, dancing, musical instruments and worship. It is one of our favorite things! My husband grew up celebrating all of the Jewish feasts and it’s something he treasures..


  4. I was raised by my Jewish father and and Catholic mother, so we celebrated both Jewish and Christian holy days. It was a bit confusing, in a way, but so beautiful in others. My parents have both passed away, and I am a Christian. I love feeling connected to my dad through the Old testament. I think this year we will celebrate for Hannukah, thank you for the inspiration!


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