CHEA Symposium

CHEA logoToday’s post was supposed be all about the awesome CHEA symposium our church was hosting this past weekend. Everyone in the homeschool group was excited to host this event and to welcome people who might be new to homeschooling.

Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to lack of sign-ups. I wonder, does this happen often? This was the first time we have attempted to host, so I have no prior experience to go by.

I wonder if the event was scheduled for a difficult day or time of year, for that matter. Is it because most families who were planning to homeschool have already begun their journey and don’t need the symposium at this time? Hmmm….

No matter, it is all for the best. We will be hosting our own convention at the beginning of next year, February 1st. That should prove to be an exciting event as we will be doing more than just hosting, if the event doesn’t get cancelled as well. (More on this in the future; I am very excited to see how this turns out.)

I would appreciate some feedback though… How many homeschooling conventions do you attend a year? What are you looking for when attending and what would prompt you to attend more than one symposium/conference?



10 thoughts on “CHEA Symposium

  1. This is our 2nd year to homeschool and I have attended one conference. I haven’t heard of Chea. I had been warn to be careful of conferences because they are overwhelming and there is a temtation to buy things you may not need. I plan on attending a different conference this year but I do so with caution. I will look for topics that apply to my children, Autisum, high school, or schooling multiple ages. If it doesn’t appeal to what my family’s needs, I would pass.


    • Words of wisdom, to be sure. I usually do not attend a conference unless I know ahead of time what the classes will be and if they will benefit my family. Conferences can tend to be a bit pricey.
      To prevent buyers overload, I usually come with a specific list of items I know I am looking for or are interested in. While at the conference, I ask the vendors if whatever “discounts” are being offered at the conference will be offered throughout the next week or if there is a flyer I can take home with the discount code. This prevents me from making impulse buys and allows me to pray over the matter. If they won’t give me time to pray, then I don’t need to buy; that is MY logic.
      The conference we plan to hold should be relatively inexpensive; $5 a person. We will have vendors too, but not too many and with no pressure to buy.
      I hope you enjoy the next conference you attend.:)


  2. How frustrating! So sorry that happened! I am not familiar with Chea, and I would want to know who the speakers are and the workshops/topics before committing. I think you are on to something though with the timing. I attend our state convention in June, and schedule it in as one of our vacation breaks. Perhaps this was just a little too close to the holidays. There are some great sounding conventions coming up in March, but I’m leery of taking time off in March, knowing that January is usually deadly and testing is in May (in our state).


  3. I’m gonna go ahead and admit that even though I’ve homeschooled for 6 years…..until this year I had never attended any type of homeschool event. We just attended the TOS homeschool event at the Wilderness in the Smokies. We came home and then this weekend we attended a Love Worth Fighting For conference with Warren Barfield and Kirk Cameron (cue Seaver Fever) and that event was also amazing. I think we will attend a TTD event in Cincinatti in the spring (I may become a convention junkie lol)


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