Posie Pixie

Posie Pixie and the Last MatchboxMy girls enjoy all things fairy. We have flower presses to make fairy clothes. We have stencil activity packs to help us make our own paper dolls.  Fairy books are a huge portion of their weekly checkout at the local library.

Recently, my girls were given a new set of books written by Sarah Hill. They found them to be delightfully charming, sweet reads.

Posie Pixie and the Copper Kettle is book one in the Whimsy Wood series. Posie Pixie finds herself in need of a new home. During her search, Posie meets Rosa May and shows her true kindness. In return, Rosa May wishes to do a good deed to show her thankfulness. Through Posie’s adventures, we learn, ‘one good turn deserves another.’

Posie Pixie and the Last Matchbox finds us following Posie as she searches for a new bed. While on the hunt, Posie meets a new friend who just might be able to help.  With Posie’s help, we learn the value of ‘waste not want not’.

Whimsy Wood is a series of five sets, each containing seven books, for a total of thirty-five books. Author Sarah Hill and illustrator Sarah Mauchline have collaborated to bring to young readers humor, life lessons, a proverb hidden in each story to give the series real meaning, woodland creatures in their habitat, and of course illustrations that show the appreciation for flora, fauna and nature.

The books also attempt to encourage kids to interact with nature; each of them contains part of a map of Whimsy Wood which will become more complete as they read more of the stories. Children are even encouraged to expand the map themselves, using local outdoor areas such as a park or forest as inspiration.


As a veterinarian, it is fitting that the focus of Hill’s books should be the animals of Whimsy Wood, a magical place inspired by the forests near the author’s Wiltshire home. Hill’s love of nature extends beyond her writing; 10% of her royalties will be donated to The Wildlife Trusts, a UK organisation dedicated to protecting wildlife.

My girls really enjoyed these books. They found Posie to be quite cute and lovable. The stories themselves were very charming, with a clear message for the kids to learn. I can’t wait to put the clever Whimsy Wood maps to use on our next visit to the park. I wonder what the kids will create for Posie to explore….


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