Keepers Meeting #6 (2013-2014)

Another Keepers meeting went off without a hitch. This week we finished up our lessons on fall crafting, learned some table etiquette (just in time for the holidays), and got a few new patches to show off our hard work.

Keepers #6 (1/11)

Teaching the little ones how a proper table is set.

Keepers #6 (2/11)

Creating crafted candles for our holiday tables.

Keepers #6 (3/11)

Keepers #6 (4/11)

Building our candles with cinnamon sticks.

Keepers #6 (5/11)

Great job; keep up the good work!

Keepers #6 (6/11)

That looks so nice!

Keepers #6 (7/11) Keepers #6 (8/11)

Keepers #6 (9/11)

Snack time!

Keepers #6 (10/11)

Keepers #6 (11/11)

Our birthday girls.

Today’s craft was so much fun and fairly easy! The tricky part? Getting enough cinnamon sticks for all these girls. Who knew it took so many? Thankfully we had just enough to get us through.

Our lessons in etiquette came just in time for the holidays. Hopefully these ladies will be shining examples of proper young ladies, no matter where they spend their holidays.

With two patches earned today, both for etiquette and fall fun, these girls put in a lot of good work! Next time… our Christmas celebration! That should be a lot of fun.


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