My Favorite Seasonal Book!

Holiday Blog HopGenerally speaking, I don’t have a favorite anything. There is no one food, book, movie, place, or thing which I highly esteem. When it comes to Christmas time, I’m afraid this is also true. There are just too many good things about this season, I can’t be limited in picking only one!

This year, however, I have noticed my children are favoring one Christmas story in particular. The Christmas Story: A Play Felt Story has been capturing their attention all week. I think they enjoy being able to not only read the story, but actively participate in the telling. With each turn of the page, there are new characters to add and more things to do.

The Christmas Story

Just the other day, they read through the book four times! My son wanted to read through it ‘normal’ and then ‘fun’. ‘Fun’ meaning with silly voices and singing (read operatic howling) for the angels. He was laughing so hard, I didn’t think he’d be able to continue reading.

While I am sure there are a great many incredible Christmas stories out there, this one has proven to be the most entertaining and enjoyable for our children. It will be around for years to come.

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16 thoughts on “My Favorite Seasonal Book!

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  5. We do have favs. But the newest one is The Best (Worst) Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. My daughter has been hounding me to read this. And I will. We have been in too many pageants that were empty of inspiration and find this book hilariously redemptive!


  6. I love an interactive book with a good story! My kids are older now (how I remember those days of reading a book 4 times in a day!), but this would make a fabulous gift! Thanks so much! Aloha, Lori


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