Hark, the Herald Angels Sing

Our homeschool PSP recently decided to spend the morning singing carols at a local retirement facility. Giving back to the community and spending time with those much wiser than ourselves is always a good idea!

We had so much fun! The kids had a few practice sessions leading up to caroling, with a final practice the morning of. They dressed in Christmas attire and our instructor brought jingle bells for the kiddos to keep, along with their hymn booklets she made them.

If you’re looking to sing carols, but aren’t sure which ones or don’t know all the words, HERE is one you might find useful. There is an abundance of songs to choose from.

The retirement facility was an especially nice one; very roomy and warm. Unfortunately, all facilities are not this nice, so I was very pleased to see one being run so well. We set the group up in front of their Christmas tree and enjoyed the morning.

I think everyone had a great time, some of the seniors even sang along with us. We sang quite a few songs, then handed out some candy canes.

Christmas Caroling (1/4) Christmas Caroling (2/4) Christmas Caroling (3/4) Christmas Caroling (4/4)

This has become a traditional Christmas treat for us, we’ve done it several years in a row now. This has proved yet another fun adventure, one which I hope has taught our children some valuable lessons and added more special memories to their lives.


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