The Lamb of God

Whats_in_a_NameWhat’s in a name? A name is more than just something by which we are called; in a sense, it is our reputation. Did you know there are a multitude of names for God? Each name unique and powerful; the list is endless.

Join us on this exciting adventure through Scripture, where we will learn some amazing verses, talk about how those verses should affect our lives, and discuss some practical ways to make these names “real”.


“And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God!” – John 1:36

The kids and I talked a little bit about sheep earlier in the month, having discussed Jesus the Good Shepherd. Now, I wanted to focus on Jesus being not just the Shepherd, but also the Lamb of God.

Like the sheep we see in the fields, Christ was willing to follow and do what God knew was necessary in order to save His people. He followed the leading of the Father, never complaining or running from His path. Jesus willingly laid down His life on our behalf, giving Himself up for our salvation.

In this manner, He is called the Lamb of God. The Lamb who came as a baby, lowly and humble, and died for our sins. The Lamb who was killed on our behalf, taking our place of punishment. He did so without complaint, fussing, or fighting, but with a willing heart full of love.

Our middle daughter loves sheep. Consequently, our home is filled with sheep of all kinds and sizes. We have sheep on our tree, on her Christmas pillow, on her bed (in the form of her favorite stuffed animal), and various other locations. For her fifth birthday, we even had a lamb birthday cake!

That said, we do not lack for examples of sheep in our home. We’ve studied them in our learning day, visiting sheep farms, and dressed up like them! I thought perhaps it was time to try something a little different.

I was so blessed to find THIS project on Purl Bee. The idea is to have the kiddos do most of the work on this project or that would defeat the point, so this is going to take some little while. However, I am looking forward to working on this with the kids and enjoying the results. I believe we are going to use the suggested idea of leaving an opening in the lamb and creating an insert with herbs. The herbed insert can be warmed in the microwave and used as a bed warmer once inserted into the lamb pillow!

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. I’m so glad we took the time to spend several weeks focusing on all Christ is and means to us. I know our family has learned a lot through these lessons, both children and mommy alike.

I have a whole year to plan season two of ‘What’s in A Name?’. I look forward to all the fun, excitement, and memories we will be making.

Won’t you join us again come next year?

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