It’s officially hit! The crafting bug has hit our girls and they are working non-stop on various projects.

Most of the gifts our girls received this Christmas somehow involved arts and crafts. We got blank books, lined journals, bracelet looms, jewelry kits, and more! Now, our house is littered with all form of creative projects and we are enjoying every minute.

This afternoon I sat down to work on a sewing project for my father-in-law. He needs a new apron made for when he is working on his welding projects outside. Happy to oblige, I got to work on it this afternoon and was, luckily, able to pop it out pretty quickly.

While I was working, the kiddos were at the table doing some drawing and weaving. It seems weaved bracelets are all the rage right now and my girlies are happy to join in the fun.

It has been so exciting working on a few imaginative projects as a family. Even on our ‘Christmas break’, we are finding time to learn new skills and add some wrinkles to our brain.

Have YOU learned any new skills during your Christmas break or spent any time being creative? We’d love to hear all about it!

5 thoughts on “Craftaholics!

  1. My daughter received her fair share of crafting/art gifts and a few educational ones as well. There is the journal with the leather cover and leather straps that looks like something Shakespeare would write in, ring loom, and doodle art book. Then there is the new telescope (it has been too cloudy to use so far) and books. Yesterday, I did, in fact, develop a new skill. I was asked to judge an American Girl doll pageant with at least 10 costume changes! Sadly, we might actually have to do some schoolwork today. Or maybe we will just finish those Christmas cookies.


      • It is really nice – and it goes with my sewing room – pink and black. It’s the first new sewing machine I’ve had in thirty years, although I did get a new serger about 5 years ago. I’m feeling a little challenged by it right now – because it is so-o-o-o different to use. For instance – you don’t raise the presser foot with a lever – it is electronically lifted by a solid state button. Hopefully it will become second nature to me sooner rather than later! 😀


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