Unfinished Business

Next week, things are going back to ‘normal’. (Whatever that is supposed to be.) Our Nancy Drewregular routine will resume and we will keep plugging away with our learning. Before then, I think this mommy needs to clear away some unfinished business.

There are several books which have been given to me (not recently either, mind you), a Bible study I still have yet to finish, and several magazines I have yet to look through. My small cupboard of personal space is becoming overcrowded with items I need to go through.

This week, I am attempting to read through my materials and downsize, if possible. This is always the hard part. The books are simple enough; read them or don’t and give away the don’ts. The magazines easier still; read and return to library. The Bible studies are a little more challenging though.

Does anyone go back and re-read their old studies? I have books dating back several years and I have not once gone back to open them up. No review, no reference; nada! So… do I keep them or figure they’ve served their purpose and it’s time to create more space?

No matter, I’m sure I’ll find a suitable solution. While the space is organized, it is just becoming a little too crowded for my taste. Minimalism is my middle name! (Not really, but I dislike clutter with a passion.)

By the end of this week, I will be down to an even more organized collection of materials. With that, a clean house, a stocked kitchen, and everyone back on a more human sleep schedule, things should be running smooth.

Do you have any unfinished business you want to get off your plate before heading back into a regular routine?


10 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. I love holiday breaks for this very reason–time to tend to unfinished business. I just went through 3 boxes of school work from last year that kept getting put off. I keep a sampling of the kids’ work each year, and am now working on making transcripts for my daughter. What a good feeling to get a huge project like that done. And now I can see my bedroom floor again with the boxes gone!


  2. I like to save my study guides as well. But I think there are only a couple that I have actually picked up after the study and looked up a quote or page. There is even one that tore down to the depths of my soul and was such a HARD study because of how REAL the questions and topics were, that every time I look at it, I can feel myself hardening up towards the book and I just pretend I didn’t see it.


  3. I have a pile of half finished little dresses for Africa that I hope to finish this week before the routine sets in again, I started them about six months ago


  4. Have some major clutter and boxes that I need to finish going through and downsizing. Didn’t realize how much I had in storage until I took it all out of storage. I am half way through all the boxes so far. My goal is to get things downsized enough that I won’t need storage anymore. Also trying to organize everything better while I am at it.


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