Winter Fresh

Here we are once again…. Why wait for spring, right?

A Homeschool Mom

Clean HouseToday is our last “free day” before heading back to homeschooling on Monday. Rather than spend our weekend cleaning house, we thought we would knock it out this morning and get life back to normal (whatever that is).

I woke earlier than the rest of the gang and started getting things organized; gathering items from all over the house and piling them together. The kiddos woke a little while later and eagerly jumped in, cleaning up their room and taking down decorations.

Once all the “dust collectors” were gathered, we tackled the tree. It was quite fun, and fast, having all of us working on it together. Pop even got in on the game near the end.

I don’t do spring cleaning, I do “Back to School Cleaning” and “New Year’s Cleaning”… so, here we are!

While carefully packing away all of our Christmas cheer, the kiddos and I…

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