New Lists for a New Year

I am an organizational freak. Even if something seems organized, I will re-organize until it best fits my needs for the moment or aesthetically pleases me to the fullest. Recently, I have noticed some areas of my life which I wanted to revamp, so I spent some time this weekend getting them taken care of.

Pinterest_Homeschool-MomPinterest –Ā For those of you who follow (or have at least dropped in and taken a look), I have redone my Pinterest folders. I had originally gone with cutesy names for each page, but I soon realized this was creating some organizational havoc. The folders are now retitled, streamlined, and better organized. There are several great folders to look through: Menu Planning, Homeschooling, Kids Activities, and more.

Instagram –Ā I’ve been wanting to create an Instagram account for some time now. This weekend I was finally able to get that taken care of. Using Instagram, I can share some of our favorite field trip haunts, great recipes we’re working on, fun things to do with the kids, and so much more! If you haven’t tried Instagram yet, make sure to click the link on our sidebar to give it a whirl; it’s so much fun.

Grocery –Ā As part of our ‘Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail‘ series, we shared how we organize our grocery list and shopping. Up ’til now I have always handwritten our lists as needed. Recently, a friend asked me if I had a printed version of my grocery list so she could use it as a reference for herself. I was ashamed to say I didn’t. This got me thinking and prompted me to come up with a typed list of my own. If I thought our list was taking care of business before, it doesn’t even compare to our new list! The new and improved grocery list is a wonderful compilation of necessities, general stock, and perishable items; there is even an area set aside for miscellaneous items and stops at multiple stores, which can sometimes be the case.

New Grocery List

Just as before, the new grocery list is hung in a cupboard in our kitchen. As we go about our week and begin to notice items running low, we simply place a check mark next the items needing to be purchased. No more writing them down; how convenient. The categories have been carefully placed in order of aisle at our local store, as well. This cuts out an additional step I was already making. At the end of each week, I check to make sure no items have been forgotten, I double-check it against our budget, and out the door I go. This new list is incredibly convenient and simple to use. I am thoroughly enjoying it!

We are so excited to begin the new year with these helpful updates to our lives. Now, we can be even better organized and have more fun with the resources at hand. Hopefully, some of you will find these resources handy as well.

Do YOU have a dedicated grocery list to make things run more smoothly?


12 thoughts on “New Lists for a New Year

  1. Oh, I’m with you on the Pinterest thing…my boards are a woeful mess. You’ve inspired my again! I think it’s time to get rid of “clever” names and just organize the mess into something functional. I like your list too…I’ve tried that method before, and it didn’t stick…isn’t it funny how different strategies work for different families? šŸ™‚


  2. I don’t have a special grocery list but they are similar each month. I need to organize Pinterest too. I hope you have an organized New year lol ;). By the way, I wanted to thank you. I looked at my blog’s annual report and you were the 4th highest in comments on my page. Thank you so much for making me feel loved :). God bless! ~Amber.


  3. I am I’m the midst of trying to do the same with my Pinterest. Suddenly I think it might be easier to delete it all and begin a new one. I apparently can’t control my pinning addiction.
    The grocery list is border-line genius!


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