Kids 4 Truth

Second semester has commenced and we are back in action. All subjects have been resumed and we are in full swing. As in all previous years, we’ve made sure to start off our morning with a good foundation… Bible. For our lessons, I prefer to use Kids4Truth.

LogoI honestly don’t remember how I came across Kids4Truth. I believe it might have been through a Christian magazine I had picked up or possibly a homeschooling advertisement in a free periodical sent to our family.

No matter; this curriculum found its way into our home and influenced us for the better!

If you are at all familiar with the Awana program, Kids4Truth will sound very similar to its program. There are leveled books for each children’s age category, with activities and tips to help you through the lessons. Like Awana, Kids4Truth was created to help children better learn their Bibles.

However, Kids4Truth takes their lessons to an entirely different level. Unlike Awana, Kids4Truth is specifically designed to expose our children to worldview apologetics and logic. K4T will walk you and your child through key arguments, helping you fully understand why you believe what you believe.

The best part? K4T was designed by a pastor for his own kids and those of the people in his church. They are family friendly, homeschool friendly, and easily accessible. There are books you can purchase, but there are also a multitude of free resources available online as well.

With twelve amazing categories, consisting of ten lessons each, K4T could be used for years of learning. No matter what the age of your children, these lessons are going to increase them in wisdom.


Right now we are working our way through the curriculum for the second time running. The first time we were becoming acquainted with these principles, now we are learning them by heart and memorizing Scripture as well. So far this year, we have reviewed The Bible (how we can know it is the true Word of God), The Greatness of God (His characteristics/attributes), and now we are covering The Goodness of God.

Each time we go through these lessons we learn more and more! For our family this has definitely proven to be the right choice. I look forward to what the rest of the year holds.

Does your learning day include a little apologetics? Which curriculum would you recommend?


4 thoughts on “Kids 4 Truth

  1. I will have to remember that. Right now my oldest is just on his first year in AWANA Cubbies but I am trying to research now for when we start homeschooling kindergarten in a year and a half.


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