In The Nude

Welcome to “Pump Day”; spending one day a week celebrating all things feminine!


Pump_Day_2While I dearly appreciate a good splash of color now and again, wearing red lips every day of the week might be a bit much. Sure, I could go with pink or plum as well, but generally my guy likes to see me looking natural and fresh. To accommodate both of us, there is nothing better than going nude… nude lipstick, that is!

A few years ago, nude lipstick made a huge play on fashion runways. Ladies were hardly ever seen with color on their lips. Some of the nudes being used were downright bland looking, giving the models a drawn out, tired look. Others were a perfect blend of natural color and glamour.

It seems the new ‘nude’ is developing pink undertones. Makeup artists are attempting to recreate the newborn baby look. Our lips should be fresh, with only a hint of color added. We ought to look as if we woke up with these healthy, plushy lips intact.

Personally, I have two different ‘nude’ lipsticks I like to wear. One has tan undertones and the other pink. Both are sheer enough to barely be noticed and yet offer enough coverage to hide my blue lips come winter time. (Yes, they do in fact turn blue.)

Believe it or not, it isn’t all that easy to find great ‘nude’ shades; at least not where I am. I’ve gone to three different stores and still not found that big a variety. I wonder if this means quite a few women are purchasing them or if they are not on high demand and the stores just aren’t stocking them very often.


Of course, I have also not been shopping in department stores either. For some reason just walking into those areas is intimidating. I would prefer to go into stores where I am not going to be hounded into buying something or feel intimidated by their sales people. Perhaps if I were to brave Macy’s I might find a better selection.

No matter, I’ve finally found two shades I really like. Surprisingly, they are both from the same company or, perhaps, not so surprisingly. If I’m going to go drugstore and not name brand, Rimmel is fast becoming my favorite. Their makeup is wonderful!

If you aren’t wearing bright color on your lips, which shade do you prefer?

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