Keepers #9 (2013-2014)

Our last Keepers meeting knocked me for a loop. We discovered one of our girls was being put on a stricter diet, thus eliminating a few key ingredients for this month’s activities.  Eeeek! I needed to make a few quick adjustments in order to help accommodate our girls and help everyone feel comfortable.

While the task was a little more challenging than I anticipated (who knew eating gluten-free/lactose free could be so involved?), I am proud to say we were able to find exactly what we needed. Hooray!

(Mommies who choose or need to be on a more strict diet, you have my utmost respect.)

For the month of February we wanted to focus on sweets. It is the month for Valentines, is it not? What better than a few goodies to help us celebrate. Sugar is always fun, but we also wanted to expose the girls to a few healthy alternatives which are just as tasty!

Keepers #9 (1-8)

Going over some of the finer details of the recipe, before getting to the fun.

Keepers #9 (2-8)

Gathering our ingredients and learning to measure properly.

Keepers #9 (3-8)

Starting our no-bake, energy bites. Yummy!

Keepers #9 (4-8)

Digging right in and making a fun mess!

Keepers #9 (5-8)

Look, mom; messy hands!

Keepers #9 (6-8)

Look at those hands! Hers are the cleanest in the bunch, having licked them fully! (Too cute!)

Keepers #9 (7-8)

All of our ingredients were gluten/lactose/peanut free. No easy feat!

Keepers #9 (8-8)

We ended a little early, so we ran outside to play. When asked why the girls thought we ended so quickly, they loudly replied, “IT WAS FOOD!”

THIS recipe proved to be a huge success! Not only did the girls have fun, but it was incredibly delicious. We had a great time getting our hands dirty and learning a new recipe.

For those who are concerned about allergies, feel free to substitute any of the ingredients with healthier options. I used hazelnut butter, in place of peanut butter; gluten-free oatmeal; and gluten-free flax-seed in our recipe. Goodness all around!

The girls had so much fun, we ended quite a bit early. They decided they wanted to head outside for a little fresh air and exercise, so we did!

Another successful Keepers meeting under our belts! Only seven more to go before the year is over. If you would, please keep this group in prayer. I think the Lord is going to bring about some major changes in this department during the coming year. As always, we wish to align ourselves with His will and bring Him glory. Thanks!

Do you have a favorite energy bite recipe? (There so many out there!)

2 thoughts on “Keepers #9 (2013-2014)

  1. Looks like they had a great time! 🙂

    A couple of points: Oats are only gluten-free if they are “certified gluten-free” because of contamination issues…Also, most imitation vanilla has gluten in it, it’s best to stick with the higher-quality vanilla when trying to be gluten-free. Gluten likes to ‘hide’ under different names, even ‘natural flavoring’ sometimes has gluten in it so I try to stay away from anything with that term in it.

    I’ve been gluten-free for a couple of years and I still learn about ‘hidden’ gluten all the time! Thankfully, I don’t get sick from getting a little bit here and there.

    I’ve never made energy bites. These look yummy! Praying for your Keepers group and the changes that may come around 🙂


    • Good points! I actually had to read up on that before shopping. I should have pointed that out to others who might read this though.

      As I mentioned, being gluten/lactose free is MUCH harder than people anticipate. Those who do so on a regular basis, such as yourself, have my utmost respect. Wow!

      Thank you for the prayers and the encouragement!


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