Getting the Most Out of Field Trips, Part IV: Ready, Set, Go!

Who doesn’t like a good field trip? There’s nothing quite like fresh air, a change of scenery, and a little exercise to rejuvenate your learning routine. While field trips can be a lot of fun, they will quickly turn into a frustrating mess when not planned properly. Join us as we share tips on how to make the most of any field trip and explore ideas for a smoother day.


Field-TripsSo, you’ve done all you possibly can to prepare for this fun event. Now, it’s time to get out the door and have some fun. Let’s get moving and go enjoy our field trip!

Get Up On Time – While this might seem to be obvious, many of us fail to get up when we’re supposed to. We hit the snooze button, if we remember to set our alarm at all, or we set the clock too late. Try to get up on time, you’ll thank yourself later.

Set the Right Tone – Instead of rushing around like a mad person, take a moment to stop and pray. Ask the Lord to be with you throughout the day; keeping things in perspective and making the most of this opportunity. Wake your kiddos with a smile and a cheerful hello; get the day started on the right foot.

Assign Jobs – To help remove some pressure off your own shoulders, give each member of your family a ‘mission’ to accomplish. (e.g. “T” takes the dog out and feeds him; “Little Lady” packs those snacks I set aside and makes sure they are in the car;  “Mouse” checks on her birds, ensuring their needs are met, and cleans up the kitchen table; “Little Man” makes sure all devices are present and accounted for; and my man grabs the coffee.) Working together keeps things running smoothly and we are learning to function as a team. Don’t do everything yourself, if you don’t have to!

Alarm Clock

Lock and Load – Once all essentials are taken care of, we are ready to get in the car. I usually warn the kiddos about five ’til, so they see it coming, and then give them the code phrase, “Lock and load!” This phrase let’s them know we are ready to move; they are to use the restroom, then be in the SUV, locked in and ready to go, before I get there. If I beat them… well, I haven’t yet!

Map it Out – If you are meeting with a group to attend this particular function, have those maps handy and ready to go. Once the majority of people arrive, or your departure time is closing in, pass out maps and ask if anyone has questions. Make sure your maps have an actual address for your venue. Some people prefer to program this into their GPS, instead of using a printed map. (I know we do!)
An additional thought: If, for some reason, people are running a little behind, leave extra maps in an envelope that late comers can grab for themselves. Send out a quick text letting them know you are leaving and where they can find the maps once they arrive at the meeting point. Do not stress yourself out by waiting around for stragglers. Stick to your appointed meeting time; they will catch up when they are able.

First Shall Be First – When caravaning, it can often be a struggle to keep track of everyone. Did everyone make the right on-ramp? No one is lost, right? To help with this problem, assign one person to be the ‘front’ and one person to be ‘the tail’. The person who is in front should always lead, no one goes around them; the person furthest in back makes sure there are no stragglers left to get lost. Everyone else should make an attempt at noticing who is in front and who is behind them, just to help keep everyone together.

All your planning and preparation has paid off! You are now at your destination, ready to have some fun and enjoy the day. Getting here might have required a little work, but anything which helps to make this event run smoother is well worth the effort.

You’ve finally arrived! Now what?…

Do you have a fun ‘code word’ or phrase which let’s your kids know you’re ready to hit the road?


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