Getting the Most Out of Field Trips, Part V: Take Cues

Who doesn’t like a good field trip? There’s nothing quite like fresh air, a change of scenery, and a little exercise to rejuvenate your learning routine. While field trips can be a lot of fun, they will quickly turn into a frustrating mess when not planned properly. Join us as we share tips on how to make the most of any field trip and explore ideas for a smoother day.


Field-TripsYou’ve finally arrived! All your hard work has paid off and you are busy exploring your field trip destination. One might think this is the end of the line; your job is done. However, there are a few more things we might want to consider.

How Are The Kids Doing? – It would be great to think everyone is having a good time, but is that really so? While we are exploring our venue, I want to keep tabs on all my kiddos and make sure they are getting the most out of this excursion.

Is it Time For a Break? – Somewhere amidst all our fun, we might need to take an occasional break for the kids to let off a little steam or run off that excess energy. Staying quiet, listening carefully, or sitting still can be quite taxing; we want to make sure we’re taking breaks to also be a little active, if possible.

Is it Time For a Snack? – Exploring is hard work! Make sure to take occasional breaks to refresh your body and nourish the tummy. If the kiddos are getting a little testy, it might be time to have a snack.

What Do the Kids Want to Do? – ACF made an excellent point the other day! While on your trip, keep the kids involved by finding out what they would like to see. Perhaps there might be a special exhibit, a piece of artwork, a kids’ zone, or the gift shop the children might like to make a point of visiting. Try to work these into your day. Adding these stops helps everyone feel involved and contributes to the fun.

California Science Center

Take cues from your group. There is little point in pushing through a field trip if no one is enjoying themselves and very little learning is being accomplished. Even the best planned event sometimes needs a little revamping. Be prepared and willing to flex with the situation, using the change to the benefit of all.

Think we’ve covered everything? Nope! There is one more important reminder for all of us. Can you guess what it might be?

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