Getting the Most Out of Field Trips, Part VI: Have Fun!

Who doesn’t like a good field trip? There’s nothing quite like fresh air, a change of scenery, and a little exercise to rejuvenate your learning routine. While field trips can be a lot of fun, they will quickly turn into a frustrating mess when not planned properly. Join us as we share tips on how to make the most of any field trip and explore ideas for a smoother day.


Field-TripsWhile the bulk of our field trips revolve around some aspect of my children’s education, all excursions would be rather pointless if we left out one essential element… fun!

In all our planning and preparation, let us not forget to have fun. Not, let me be clear, make sure our children have fun, but you, yes you, have fun yourself! Enjoy this time with your children, family, and/or friends.

Make the most out of this event. Add some memories to your thought bank and enjoy the day! Don’t get caught up in schedules and time tables; those are helpful and useful, but not the end goal. A day is not successful because we hit every point on the map and fulfilled our goals in the time estimated. We are successful when we have enjoyed our children’s presence and, hopefully, learned a little something along the way.

So, go out and explore! Have a lot of fun and enjoy your children while they are young; it won’t last forever.

Oh! And leave before traffic gets too out of hand or plan to stay until evening, to avoid busy roads. Sitting in traffic is definitely a bad way to end any good day! Unless, of course, you like sitting in traffic. Then, just enjoy!

What prevents you from having fun on field trips?

3 thoughts on “Getting the Most Out of Field Trips, Part VI: Have Fun!

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