Easter Fun: Egg Decorating

CG_Easter_logoJoin us this week, as we explore memorable and edifying ways to celebrate Easter. We encourage you to take some of the ideas you find and make them your own. Feel free to share your thoughts on each of these projects and join in the fun!


While eggs are not strictly related to the resurrection story, it just wouldn’t seem like Easter if we didn’t decorate a few eggs. You can dye them, decorate them, and make them into ‘mini me’s’!

Since our children were young, we have taken at least one day out of Easter week to decorate eggs. When they were very little, we would dip them in various colored dyes. At first we bought the colors at the local supermarket. Later, we learned you can actually do this yourself at home with food coloring and a little vinegar. I wish we had known this earlier!

Egg Decorating

As the children have grown, we’ve expanded our creativity. Before dying, we dig out white crayons, stickers, and more. Color the hard-boiled eggs before dying and have fun watching the results! With stickers,  you can color block your eggs for additional fun.

One experiment I’d like to try, would be to wrap eggs in old silk ties. I understand if you do this, the pattern from the ties comes off onto the eggs, leaving you with a spectacular pattern.

Last year, we did something very unique. One of my husband’s friends came over with his daughter and took funny pictures of all of us. He then printed these pictures out and we used them to decorate plastic eggs, which were supposed to resemble ourselves!

This was by far, the most unusual egg decorating experiment we’d ever done. It was the funniest, however, and the one our children will probably remember most.

Egg FunNo matter how you choose to decorate eggs, don’t forget to use this as a great learning opportunity. Use your egg decorating as a catalyst for resurrection week conversation: how the egg reminds us of the resurrection story; how the egg reminds us of the Trinity; and more!

What is the most unusual way you’ve decorated eggs?

5 thoughts on “Easter Fun: Egg Decorating

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