Keepers #14 (2013-2014)

Where has the year gone? It seems like things just got started and we are already winding down. Only two more Keepers meetings to go before the year is over. Before we get there though, a few more lessons remain to be taught. This week… hand sewing with fabric!

Keepers #14 (1-10) Keepers #14 (2-10) Keepers #14 (3-10) Keepers #14 (4-10) Keepers #14 (5-10) Keepers #14 (6-10) Keepers #14 (7-10) Keepers #14 (8-10)

Keepers #14 (9-10)

I don’t think any of the other girls finished their project before the day was out, but my little ‘Mouse’ went without snack just so she could finish hers.

Keepers #14 (10-10)

Then… my little girl promptly went home and worked on a few additional projects I had purchased just for my girls. So cute!

One more week of sewing to go and then, our end of the year party! This was a particularly fun week for all of us. The projects were so cute and so easy to create.

For those interested in doing these yourselves, we found these (thank you, Mrs. Yeh) at Michaels in the American Girl section. There are several varieties to choose from and so many options to help you be creative.

I’m not sure about the other girls, but I know we’ll be stopping by Michaels to pick up a few more for ourselves. This was so much fun!

5 thoughts on “Keepers #14 (2013-2014)

  1. One thing our support group never did until my girlie was old enough to be out of the home was a sewing club of some kind. She does sew, though, and did learn to tat from homeschooling friends. I miss the gentle meetings with that girl and her mother and a few friends who also tatted and visited and ate M&M’s. 😀


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