A Page Turner

Yearbook 2013 I am sitting here looking at an empty room. Well, empty except for me, of course. Our family page work party was supposed to be today, but it looks like the gang’s got it all covered.

Every year, our yearbook staff encourages the families in our group to create their own page. On this page, they are free to express their family values, experiences during the past year, and their creativity. These pages are added to the yearbook for all to see and enjoy. Yearbook 2011

Once a year, we  hold a “Family Page Work Party” to help out the newbies and give them some tips on how to create their own page. We help them with layout, picture formats, and more.

It seems that this go ’round, all our families have things under control and I am off the hook. (Yippee!) Not that I mind helping mind you, but this means (at least I hope it means) the families are getting more comfortable with their family pages and no longer need our help.

Each year, it is a blessing to see the family pages come together and admire all the hard work which goes into these works of art. Adding these to our yearbook was a wonderful decision; I can’t imagine the book without them.

What do our pages look like? My man being the guru of art, he Yearbook 2012does all the work and they turn out fabulously. I wonder what theme he will pick this year? Hmmm…maybe the circus!

If you created a family page, what would yours look like?


10 thoughts on “A Page Turner

  1. I LOVE this idea !! I’m going to put some thought into starting something like this as it is a fabulous way to make a lifelong treasure to keep, all about our journeys together. 🙂


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