Point and Click

“Just hold still. This will only take a moment!” “Mom!! This is the fourth picture you’ve taken in the last two minutes! Hurry up!” … Yeah; I’m that mom.

I have over 10,000 pictures on my computer and those are just the saved ones; we aren’t counting the thousands tossed because they didn’t make the cut. I should probably mention that these have only been taken in the last few years; shouldn’t I? This isn’t a lifetime collection; just pics of my kids. Pictures are the perfect way to catalog our learning and capture those special moments I want to always remember.

You see, my husband and I really like photography. My man is more of a pro than I. He owns a fancy-shmansy Canon with several awesome lenses and filters. He knows how to manipulate the images, too. I, on the other hand, enjoy photography, but haven’t been as diligent to learn the finer points of the craft.

Point and Click #1

A quick shot taken with my iPod camera, with a filter added.

Oh, I carry a camera; always have. I had a decent Canon G5 that was tucked into my bag for a while. After a bit, lugging around a hefty piece of equipment along with four kids became a chore. I upgraded to a smaller Canon Powershot, which did alright for day-to-day stuff, but it had a lot of limitations.

When taking pics on an actual camera, it becomes quite a chore to upload them to your computer before altering them, only to transfer them onto your device of choice, before finally uploading them onto Instagram or any other social media site. (While this might not be a concern for many, when you run a business, these little tasks can become monumental.)

This Christmas, my husband surprised me with a new iPod Touch which came with a pretty incredible camera. This was the perfect opportunity for me to finally crack down and learn how to master the art of photography. But where to begin?

I did a little research and found a few apps which seemed to fit the bill. I promptly downloaded a few, but failed to actually use them. Then… a friend from church suggested David Molnar’s new book, iPhone Only Photography.

For anyone who’s interested in learning how to take incredible pictures using their iPhones or iPod’s, or just a newbie to photography period, this book is just what you need. Mr. Molnar’s step-by-step guide to using your device, is simple and straightforward. With clearcut instructions, visual aids, tips, and helps; this just might be the only guide you need to mastering your Apple camera.

Point and Click #2

Another quickie shot, taken for Instagram.

I’m also enjoying Mr. Molnar’s “How Tues-days” as well. Each Tuesday, he offers helpful tips and hints on how to take a better picture. He will also direct you to particular apps which he finds of benefit.

For a limited time, his e-book is currently free! (You can’t get a better deal than that!) I highly recommend downloading it asap; there is a wealth of information to be gained. A personal bonus… He’s a Christian! I really like it when I can support fellow believers.

While my husband much prefers to use his awesome Canon with telephoto lens, the device in my back pocket fits the bill for me; it’s mobile, it’s fast, and it’s convenient. Perhaps one day, I’ll find the time to steal his baby and figure out the mass controls on that thing. For now… I’ll stick with this and David Molnar’s book.

Chime in! What is your camera of choice and how often do you find yourself pulling it out?


9 thoughts on “Point and Click

  1. I shoot every, single day with an Olympus E-5. In 2011, I started a 365-day photography project in which each shot was based on a poem or a poem was chosen and/or written based on a photo. Here’s a link, in case you’d like to take a peek: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ruffedgedesign/sets/72157626930560378/

    Since completing that, I’ve uploaded a photo to Flickr each and every day. Without a doubt, the inspiration and excitement about photography wax and wane, but committing to shoot and post every day keeps me going and leads me in directions I never could have planned.

    Thanks for asking.


      • Price. In 207, my husband and I bought ourselves, as an anniversary gift, an Olympus E-500, because we could get the body and two lenses for the price of a Canon or Nikon body with only one lens. We were immediately impressed with the color and clarity of our shots, and have been Oly fans ever since, adding a decent lens to the kit now and again. My hubs. bought me the E-5 for Christmas 2012. Since then, I’ve invested nearly $2,000 in one lens (and have found it worth the money) and am saving up almost that much for a wide angle. My 15yo daughter is studying photography for one of her homeschool classes, and she gets the E-500 with its original two lenses.


  2. We have a Nikon D5000. It came with two lenses and Andy gave me one very cool schmancy lense for Christmas one year. I use it on any sort of trips we do as a family and for food photography but use my phone for casual, spontaneous shots of the kids. I too have a TON of photos (It’s time to cull them again!). I wish I knew how to use more of the features on my camera but I am NOT a tech person and reading the manual may as well be a torture sentence for me. I do better being shown how to do things. I’ve gotten some awesome shots with the Nikon and would love to learn to utilize it’s many features more but never seem to get around to signing up for a class. No time for that!


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