Keepers #15 (2013-2014)

There is nothing like a simple sewing project to lighten the day. After several weeks of more difficult sewing projects, we decided to slow things down a little. Our project of the week: bookmarks!

These bookmarks are super easy and quite fun! We found the idea on Pinterest and quickly decided this was a must for the girls. All you need is a length of ribbon, a button, and a small band of elastic (we used a rainbow loom piece).

Keepers #15 (1-11) Keepers #15 (3-11) Keepers #15 (4-11) Keepers #15 (5-11) Keepers #15 (6-11) Keepers #15 (7-11) Keepers #15 (8-11) Keepers #15 (9-11) Keepers #15 (10-11) Keepers #15 (11-11)

Based on previous projects, I expected the girls to take more time with these. Surprisingly, they finished more quickly than anticipated. Their sewing skills are starting to increase! (Of course, there was a little less sewing involved as well.)

Everyone seemed to enjoy these projects and I hope they will find them useful. I know our girls can never have enough bookmarks; we are just a bookworm family!

Have you ever made your own bookmarks?

3 thoughts on “Keepers #15 (2013-2014)

  1. Yes! I’ve crocheted them. And I’ve made them of paper on my computer. And I’ve grabbed any old piece of junk mail and used it for a bookmark. Ha.
    This looks so super-cute! Great job, everyone! 🙂


  2. Yes, homemade bookmarks, with lace and ribbons. The satin ribbon so that it won’t mark your book, and the lace to keep it from sliding out. Plus – charms attached to the ends! 🙂


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