Raising Entrepreneurs

My husband is an entrepreneur. He is an accomplished artist who owns his own design studio. As far back as our children remember, my man has always worked for himself; choosing his own hours, clients, and routines.

Raising EntrepreneursHis office is at home, he works out of our home, and (on occasion) his clients meet in our home. Our children have the privilege of seeing almost every aspect of their father’s business, from the ground up.

It seems only natural that our children desire to follow in their pop’s footsteps. Why work for someone else, when you can work for you! Recently, our daughters decided they would like to start their own business; jewelry making.

Already having a good model to work with, our girls got busy. Within a day, business cards, mini-catalogs, samples, and more were under way. They were working out budgets, costs, and packaging. Ideas on future investments and products were already being discussed.

What a beautiful example of education in action! Our purpose in teaching our children isn’t just to add wrinkles to their brain, but to give them the skills to pursue their goals and have the abilities to make it happen.

If your children express a desire to start their own business, I encourage you to help them pursue it. Instead of focusing on the extra work it will require (and it might) or the lack of resources, choose to look at the benefits of their endeavors. The skills they will be learning and the practical application of what they already have studied, are numerous. There is much to be gained from starting your own company.


Should your children be interested in becoming entrepreneurs, but have no clue where to start, here are a few helpful websites to start them on their way:

Fox Business

As one friend put it, “Why teach our children to climb someone else’s ladder, when they can create their own?” While we understand this isn’t an option for everyone, we highly recommend making the attempt.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. (Trust me, we can attest to that.) It is rewarding, however. In owning your own business, you have the unique ability to use your God-given talents and gifts for His glory and your financial benefit. 

Time to Chime In: Do you prefer to work for someone else or run your business? Why?

Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.” – Proverbs 22:29


14 thoughts on “Raising Entrepreneurs

  1. Love this! Our family has a more entrepreneur type mind set. We are training our children to think the same way. We totally believe in using your gifts to help others and to provide for your family. Great post! I’ve been thinking about writing a post on this as well.


  2. What an inspiring post!
    You’ve obviously instilled confidence and energy in your girls. It must be fantastic to see them working together like that. I hope their jewellery business goes well!


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