You Are Loved

As Christian parents, we firmly believe in building a strong, Biblical foundation in our children. As home schoolers, we have the unique ability to do this throughout our entire day, in all areas of learning.

One area of study which should not be overlooked is art. Through all medium of creativity, we can bask in the glory of our God; embracing the unique and profound ways in which He has established our world.

If you are looking for a unique way to incorporate both art and Biblical studies, You Are Loved by Marsha Baker might be just what you’re looking for!

You Are Loved

You Are Loved focuses on teaching children the fundamentals of art; spacial awareness, line art, stippling, and more. It will also direct your children’s minds to the truth of God’s love. Each day’s work involves a new art project, centered around a Biblical truth; along with helpful tips on how to creatively decorate the project and a devotion to help you dig deeper into your Bibles.

You Are Loved would be perfect for those just starting to explore their artistic abilities or for those with young children. It will teach them the fundamentals of art, while helping them gain a foundation for their faith. Older children would also benefit from the creative encouragement, but would definitely be encouraged to dig deeper, using the Biblical truths as a ‘jumping point’ for further study. No matter the age, this book is tons of fun!

If you aren’t already, consider following Marsha Baker’s blog, Blessinks! She has a wealth of creative ideas and projects to discover.

Our children are really enjoying both You Are Loved and Ms. Baker’s blog! They are having so much fun exploring these projects and putting their new-found skills to work. The end results are amazing!

Marsha Baker Bio PageTime to Chime In: Here is your chance to win a FREE COPY of Ms. Baker’s book, You Are Loved!! Send in a picture, created by your child, incorporating a favorite Bible verse or a verse from a recent Bible lesson to [Cristina(at)ahomeschoolmom(dot)com]. The first drawing received will be sent a free copy of You Are Loved! We will be accepting entries through May 24th. All artwork will be displayed on ‘A Homeschool Mom’ in an upcoming post!

Bonus: Ms. Baker has graciously offered a coupon code for all our readers! For a limited time, save $5 off all purchased copies of You Are Loved! To order, visit Blessinks and enter promo code AHSM$5. This coupon expires 5/31.  

“I have loved you with an everlasting love;
    I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” – Jeremiah 31:3b

11 thoughts on “You Are Loved

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  2. Lovely! I will keep this in mind. Our son is only 14 months right now, but homeschooling has been something my husband and I discuss for what we want for our children. I think it’s so sad that in public schools when funding gets cut, it’s usually arts and music that are the first to go. I remember reading something Francis Schaffer wrote about the arts and creating things (and forgive me if I butcher this, all our books are packed for our move otherwise I’d pull it out and directly quote him!) is that since God created us in His image, that means part of our purpose is also to create by means of art and music. Ack, I don’t know if that makes sense the way I phrased it! Thank you for the resource! =)


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