The Mad Scientist: One Fish, Two Fish…

It is I, the mad scientist! Join me and my minions as we study some of God’s amazing creatures; learning tons of fun facts along the way.


Summer_ScienceWhat kid doesn’t like pets? My ‘Mouse’ would own an entire zoo if we could afford them; never mind not having the room, she’d make them fit. This summer, we thought we’d learn a little more about a few of the creatures she’d like to own, along with a few we already do. This week, we go swimmin’ with the fishes!

It is my opinion that it is always best to start at the beginning; so that is what we shall do! Our first activity is to learn about the life cycle of a fish, discovering how these miraculous creatures start their adventure called life.

Life Cycle of a Fish

I highly recommend this printable activity for younger/middle-aged kids. It is very well priced and interactive!

Now that we’ve learned the basics of how our fish have developed, let’s take a closer look at various types of fish and study their body structures.


A neat website with dissection images and more!


Not all fish are created equal, this is a great time to learn about fin placement and how these variations help each fish survive as long as possible.

Fin Placement

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, or in this case, a fish-eat-fish. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the fish food chain.

Fish Food Chain

Speaking of eating fish (ahem), this might be a great time to add fish to the menu. Try a little blackened catfish, sautéed tilapia, or broiled salmon. It’s easy, tastes incredible, and is incredibly good for you.

Coloring is neat, learning about our potential fish has been educational, but how about some active fun? Let’s take these fish printouts and attach them to a balloon!

Goldfish Balloon Printout

For additional fun, we could even make a fish diorama! Using colorful stickers, crafting paper, and a shoe box, we can create our own mini-ocean and fill it with all sorts of unusual creatures. Don’t forget to add a little sand at the bottom of our ‘ocean’, along with a few seashells and rocks!

Whew! We’ve sure covered a lot! There’s been a little something for everyone. Join us next week, as we take our lessons to a whole new level!

Time to Chime In: What is the most unusual creation you’ve made out of balloons?



8 thoughts on “The Mad Scientist: One Fish, Two Fish…

  1. A snake hat is definitely the most unusual balloon creature I’ve made. I love these ideas–I predict there will be some balloon fishies swimming around my house before long! Thanks for the ideas! 🙂


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