Art Attack: Coloring Fun

In a world of busy-ness and responsibility, it’s just as important to take few moments exploring the creative side of life. Join us as we share ideas on how to get those imaginative juices flowing and explore a world of art!


Summer_ArtIt’s coming; right around the corner is an entire day (sometimes two) filled to the brim with learning fun and outside exploration. That’s right, the county fair is already in the works and that means art projects and competitions galore!

While to some this might seem odd, the art competitions are our favorite part of the fair experience. We enjoy the research, the planning, the execution, and the award-winning results of our hard work! This year is no different.

There are several competitions we plan to participate in this year, all of them revolving around art. We like to start off simple and then work our way up to the more complex projects. The first competition we are checking off our list: Coloring!

Yup; you read that right! Coloring is an important art form and a competition in-and-of itself. No embellishments may be added, no painting may be done; this project is designed to test your ability to think creatively with the most basic of tools.

Out come the crayons, markers, and colored pencils; the competition page is printed; and now we are ready to get started.

Snail Competition

What can you do with a simple coloring page, besides color? Get creative; think outside the box! Instead of just coloring, discover ways to add shading. Experiment with the blending of colors to create gradients. Use stencils or a calligraphy pen to put names on the sides of the books. We’ve chosen to really think outside the box this year and use pencil rubbings to give portions of our coloring pages texture; the background, the shell of the snail, and the books might be just the place to start.

We are very encouraged and inspired this year to work even harder than previous competitions. Unlike in the past, not all entries will be receiving ribbons nor will all be displayed; only those whose work is well done. (Personally, I think this is an excellent move on the part of the organizer. Hopefully, this will help more people take these competitions seriously and make the prize-winning more meaningful.)

What are we being judged on? Neatness, cleanliness, creativity, and an adherence to rules. It is a Danish form of judging; meeting a standard and not direct competition. However, with stricter guidelines and adherence to rules, this does make ribbon winning more meaningful. (At least in my opinion.)

Time to Chime In: Do you plan to participate in your local fair competitions? Which categories will you enter?


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