Work Hard, Play Harder: The Mighty Spartan

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” (Ecc. 3:1) Join us as we explore a season of fun and family! Help us discover new ways to enjoy family time and build lasting memories.


Summer_work-playI was in the military. Have I ever mentioned that? I usually don’t. In reality, it was more of a stint in the military, than an actual term. The very last week of my training, I got injured; badly. I had a choice, I could stay in and do rehab for almost two years or come home. I chose home. Because I never actually saw active service, I tend to avoid mentioning being enlisted. It somehow doesn’t seem right when so many have actually served their time and given so much.

I have no regrets about my decision, it was the right one for me. I enjoyed the time I did get to spend there. Not all of it was pleasant (and it shouldn’t be), but it taught me a lot about myself and I met some great people while I was there.

Of all the activities new soldiers were run through, obstacle courses always seemed the highlight. There’s nothing quite like running through woods and mud, scrambling under barbed wire, and balancing on logs over pools of water. Completing courses was a bonding experience and an incredible workout. I miss this the most.

Does this surprise some of you? Me, the high heel wearing home school mom, happily trudging through the woods with a bayonet attached to the end of a riffle (which I knew how to assemble and disassemble, by the way)!

Every once in a while, I yearn to find a local obstacle course to run. I like the challenge of the course and the ability to be more physical; exercising in a gym just doesn’t do it for me. (Sorry!) This is one time I like being out-of-doors and getting a little dirty. Unfortunately, I didn’t know of any courses in my area; until recently…

Enter Spartan Race Inc. They were voted the #1 obstacle race by Outside Magazine and focus on building a healthy and active community of people. Spartan Race introduces a level for everyone, from entry-level Spartan Sprint to an extreme level Death Race.

It should be noted that Spartan Race events are not just for the adults, there are events for children as well! Spartan Kids offers heats made just for the little people in your life. Use their training videos as part of your PE routine and workout as a family.

Honestly, competition is not a factor for me. I have no interest in being first to cross the finish line. The knowledge that I finished and the fun of the journey is enough for me. Being able to do this with my family and friends is even more appealing.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in rising to the Spartan Race challenge, I highly recommend visiting their website. Your journey will begin with a Spartan Workout Tour, followed by opportunities to register for Spartan Events in your area. Start off with a Spartan Sprint and work your way up the Spartan ladder. Don’t care to tackle this all by your lonesome? Invite friends and family to join along!

While I normally don’t like to sweat and you will very infrequently find me climbing a rope, Spartan Race sure is tempting. Now… who wants to get dirty?

For a limited time, Spartan Race is offering a discount to all those who register for an event. Simply enter the code: SPARTANBLOGGER and save 10% on any open upcoming heat. (This code works for the continental United States. Residents of Hawaii contact me personally for a code pertaining to events in your area.)

Time to Chime In: Free is a good thing. Be the first person to send us a picture of your little Spartan and we’ll send you a promo code for a free Spartan race!


2 thoughts on “Work Hard, Play Harder: The Mighty Spartan

  1. I admire all Spartans! Up here in Alaska there seem to be dozens of various charity-type runs, the Color Run is up here for it’s second year in a row, and this Sunday will debut another run – the MudFactor 5K Obstacle Course and Fun Run! My brother has completed the Tough Mudder out of state with a team (that one is 13 miles, I think), and will be my teammate for the MudFactor. I’m so excited! I look forward to working up to a Spartan Race, and am hopeful that they will one day make The Last Frontier part of their race circuit!


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