Art Attack: The Web We Weave

In a world of busy-ness and responsibility, it’s just as important to take a few moments exploring the creative side of life. Join us as we share ideas on how to get those imaginative juices flowing and explore a world of art!


Summer_ArtContinuing on with our spider theme, started last week, we will once again be delving into the world of arachnids. To change things up, instead of focusing on the creatures themselves, we will be taking a look at their webs.

The project, to take a simple string of yarn and turn it into a spider’s web. The challenge, to focus on only the web; no decorations may be added. They are being judged on their creativity with the weaving and on neatness.

Each child will be given one sheet of 8×10 black card stock. On this canvas, each kiddo is free to create their web of choice. There are no rules as to the color of the web or the structure; creativity reigns!

Sound like fun? Join us! Here is a sample, to show you the basic concept:

Spider Web

Time to Chime In: What is the most unusual spider’s web you’ve seen?

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